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  1. How long have we been chasing 120 hours for? It seems like weeks now.
  2. Well that fizzled out didn't it. Nothing was there to trigger them. It's a shame because i think some massive storms were in the offering. Oh well, maybe next time.
  3. Not enough decent forcing by the looks of things. The convective rain drops here were amazing. So much potential and no trigger
  4. It's just murk, nothing interesting so far. Convective blanket of sun blocking cloud widening sadly.
  5. A lot of convective mess around. That all needs to do one
  6. Well i'm under all that cloudy crap in Yorkshire and it's 17.5c. Very humid though
  7. As disappointments go, this must rank hightly as one of biggest disappointments within the last 4 years. Just cold rain here
  8. Is there some sort of divine intervention going on because it sure does feel like it.
  9. Cold rain/Sleet here. Miserable
  10. Latest band pushing in from a more easterly flow. May interact with the slower band in front.
  11. A relatively mild easterly.. uurrggh, don't bother
  12. It's very light snow i doubt it would accumulate
  13. Great stuff, cheers mate.
  14. Not had chance to look at any forecasts, what's the timeframes?
  15. Light snow all day and a brief 5 minutes of moderate. Now nothing.. pah