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  1. Dry slot cut off further north with one developing south of Sheffield
  2. That sun is so powerful, it's just a mushy mess here. If there is still snow falling when the sun goes down then happy days.
  3. Nothing for us this time. Oh well, let's see what happens tomorrow
  4. Not really, the west coast to Manchester may be good but not much further east. You can see the westward movement if the storm over southern Ireland
  5. We managed an inch in the end but the wind has stripped it away to half that. Meh was in the wrong place again. (was in Rugby during the 2010 even which got precisely 0cm)
  6. Snows not reaching the ground. Its all decaying now.
  7. How come the flow produces more potent showers from Flamborough northwards?
  8. Bah.. South Barnsley has ducked and dived and missed most of it all say. The flow seems to only be light in nature now. Anything else coming?
  9. It's trying so hard to pep it's all pretty light/moderate at the mo. About 3cm here so still rubbish
  10. Why is there little convection? I though it would explode given the conditions.
  11. Absolutely rubbish so far. Bit of wet snow melting in what is fairly strong sunlight. Feels spring like walking back from the shops. This is just like any other cold snap, nothing spectacular.
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