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  1. Think some peeps need to step outside & not take things too seriously its just weather...
  2. Waiting to see if we're get round 2 🌨 radar looks promising
  3. Finally actually snow maybe?
  4. Why its so hard to get proper snow down here the struggle is real Damn snow shield
  5. -2 at shoreham airport already so much for mild south coast but local stations on wunder for my area all showing 0°C So dunno bring on spring
  6. If that was to come off what would wind speeds be?
  7. 29°c at Shoreham airport today, 2 degress warmer than forcasted ☀️
  8. ah that maritime climate one of the worst climates in my opinion tho desert & polar top it, i cant complain tho about summer this year coz its been amazing!
  9. JK1

    Model Moans, Ramps and Banter

    Is it that hard for that intense heat to properly reach us lol give me that extreme heat 🔥⛈
  10. Amazing pics, Was gonna go to the beach later to watch if we get any storms but doesnt seem like we'll be getting anything
  11. Hoping those storms in the channel at the moment hit my area, any chance for us?, think the Worthing area has got a storm shield this year lol
  12. JK1

    Model Moans, Ramps and Banter

    Any one roughly know what temp us on west sussex coast could get next week when it really heats up again? The 30's would be nice, tho it did get to 31 at shoreham back earlier in july
  13. Since the 1st of June to now shoreham airport has only recorded 1.2mm of rain in that whole time so same for my area & there's still no decent rainfall on the horizon so weird.
  14. Shoreham airport recording 31! Perfect 😎
  15. Wish it was hotter here only 21°c according to shoreham airport but least it’s sunny tho so can’t really complain
  16. Shoreham airport saying 26°C so probs similar here warmer than they predicted 😎
  17. Any chance of something thundery happening here? seems to be kinda moving towards my direction
  18. Tempature about 20 Celsius but very humid so feels bit warmer than that love it, wish it was hotter but cant complain with how the weather is at the moment ☀️ Hoping for storms down here in coming days as we missed out on last night
  19. Given up hope Lol dont think anything for this area just distance lighting it looks like it will be for us
  20. Hoping we get something in Worthing area as nothing at moment, cell doesn’t appear look that intense on radar in France to are south
  21. http://www.meteox.com/h.aspx?r=&jaar=-3&soort=loop1uur looks like more coming up from France to south east
  22. We have snow over us on radar in the worthing area but none seems to be actually falling in my area 🤔 just slight windy