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  1. Pretty much dry here on coast just very windy boring weather, a storm would be nice but don't know about chances here evening ?
  2. Typical cloudy as hell so no record temps here for my area & its raining really
  3. BBC weather have forcast storms 11 onwards tonight so i hope
  4. 30°c here on coast, *pretends I’m in some nice tropical country* looking forward to Thursday even hotter
  5. If only being on the coast didnt mean temperatures were pegged down compared to inland, wish we could get those temps here, anyone know what highest we could get here on the sussex coast?
  6. A dream forecast but really 33 Celsius & 4 days above 30 celsius for coastal town? Wont take it seriously yet BBC app not so extreme
  7. The breeze on beach pretty chilly light rain aswell
  8. Yup terrible hopefully these next few days make up for it a little bit
  9. Cloudy & muggy at moment but sun trying to come through
  10. Any chances of storms in Worthing area today or tonight I wait
  11. Shoreham airport station has gone back up to 22 Celsius was hovering around 20 for a bit Feels muggy as hell here
  12. Cloudy atm & Shoreham airport recording 23 Celsius now only meant to be high of 21 today according to BBC so hoping temps will be warmer for the week then there saying
  13. Hoping next week we can get something similar temp wise as last year had 2 days in a row of 30 Celsius & 1 day of 31 amazing considering I’m by the coast and some big thunderstorms would be good aswell lacked them last year
  14. BBC are showing very high UV for my area for few days next week i Thought the highest we get can get in UK is high UV, Surely Very high is not normal here?
  15. Don't get why the rain keeps weakening as it approaches my area, yet either side got storms
  16. This summer is unholy and the Worthing storm shield continues
  17. delete it summer, if not hot least more storms
  18. Is a UV index of 6 to 7 normal this time of year ?
  19. Think some peeps need to step outside & not take things too seriously its just weather...
  20. Waiting to see if we're get round 2 🌨 radar looks promising
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