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  1. So glad that the adults here do take us younger one's serious. Back on topic. 12Z: 18Z: To compare the two charts I think 18Z, shows the system very slightly further west with winds stronger on it's western edge. Also the isobars look a little more compact and the low being slightly deeper. 18Z does look a little more dangerous using my knowledge.
  2. Thanks for the 4 replies, I'm not sure how aware my parents are? I'll just get them to look at the newspapers.
  3. I'm scared because I'm camping Sunday night into Monday in Devon... :'(
  4. Not staying up any later, got to get up for school at 7 and have had no sleep yet. If anything else does evolve enjoy it and ill check back on the radar in the morning.
  5. I have occasional lightning to my west and more frequent lightning to my east, pity my window looks further west..
  6. However the showers don't seem to have the boost to turn thundery... I hope so!
  7. ESTOFEX: British Isles A mid-level low moves into the British Isles. Rich low-level moisture and increasing lapse rates result in CAPE during the day. Although vertical wind shear is weak, a tornado is not completely ruled out near sea breeze convergences. Additionally, excessive precipitation is possible with the slow-moving storms.
  8. So you didn't witness the night storm or the frequent storms in the day not long ago? There isn't anything on the radar, you must be day dreaming;)
  9. Someone post a picture, I'm in holiday in turkey and missed at least 2 days of thundery activity.
  10. Does all stratosphere warming in the winter mean cold weather?
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