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  1. Sure he isn't following the newspapers;), on a serious note that's very bad for the south coast as these sorts of winds can cause massive destruction!
  2. I never said they have, I said 'If'. I completely respect the Met Office for their hard work. It was aimed for a joke, but this forum isn't made for jokes apologises.
  3. If the met office fail this, I will not be applying for work experience with them this year.
  4. Ian Fergusson â€@fergieweather 2m W COUNTRY #ukstorm UPDATE 23:15BST: Latest analysis from @metoffice offers similar story (& a 25% probability of less significant winds).
  5. 12Z: 18Z: Isobars in 18Z are nowhere near as tight as the 12Z. While to the SW/W/NW the isobars are actually quite spaced out, what's going on?
  6. I live on the edge of a forest and a ton of leaves have already fallen. The trees do sway already at 20mph winds. Is there anything I can do to stop the trees uprooting. We do have a large net surrounding the garden as I play a lot of football. Any answers would be useful.
  7. I think winds will be stronger than that reaching 80-85mph personally, but good shout!
  8. Ian Fergusson: W COUNTRY #ukstorm Latest UKMO analysis consistent w previous broadcasts: 60-70mph gusts inland SW/W Country; & now adding 30% Prob 80-90mph
  9. So glad that the adults here do take us younger one's serious. Back on topic. 12Z: 18Z: To compare the two charts I think 18Z, shows the system very slightly further west with winds stronger on it's western edge. Also the isobars look a little more compact and the low being slightly deeper. 18Z does look a little more dangerous using my knowledge.
  10. Thanks for the 4 replies, I'm not sure how aware my parents are? I'll just get them to look at the newspapers.
  11. I'm scared because I'm camping Sunday night into Monday in Devon... :'(
  12. Not staying up any later, got to get up for school at 7 and have had no sleep yet. If anything else does evolve enjoy it and ill check back on the radar in the morning.
  13. I have occasional lightning to my west and more frequent lightning to my east, pity my window looks further west..
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