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  1. Definite potential for end of this week and early next week! These runs seem to keep the same scenario so just waiting and see! Best day cape wise looks to be Tuesday 20th.
  2. Don't this bad boy look good for 17th May, it's going to change but oh well;)
  3. A few pictures like I said during the cell which has just passed, nothing special but a few for you to look at.
  4. The structure of this cell when approaching me is incredible, it's so dark, seems to be intensifying a little! Will hopefully get some pictures on the forum as it passes.
  5. A cell coming into my view know let's just hope something happens.
  6. The only decent looking cells certainly around London and South Wales.
  7. As the time hits 5pm just a bit worried that this day might turn into an absolute waste... Let's hope something happens!The latest GFS 12z run looks useless...
  8. Some moderate rain here now, though doesn't seem too threatening.
  9. Showers just beginning to enter the channel now, let's just hope for the best!
  10. NW/N/NE depending on what location you are at, though they are very slow moving. Cells beginning to look more potent now across West Wales, same with the area of rain around Dorset and Reading.
  11. Convection definitely beginning to kick off here in South Bristol, clouds beginning to tower up nicely to my NE.
  12. Expecting some sferic activity over London in the next half an hour or so. Cells seem to be developing there by the minute.
  13. What I thought as well? Let's just hope however that the dreaded Bristol Channel doesn't kill anything off. Convection really beginning to kick off now!
  14. Still quite overcast here however the sun has been shining through the clouds and certainly getting thinner by the minute. Positively however any storms that do form within Wales should be heading for the Bristol/Gloucester/Wiltshire, so my eyes are open for them areas. The cells sat around London do look good at the moment.
  15. Maybe a little, loosing my confidence on today, although you can't really tell exactly where and how strong storms will be until later on. Just wishing convection will just wait till after school too.
  16. ESTOFEX going with the 15% lightning area for most of England and Ireland today, no level 1.
  17. GFS 18z brings a somewhat downgrade in the amount of CAPE, however I find the GFS does downgrade in the amount CAPE avaliable on the 0z, so I still believe that there is a very good chance for a few decent storms today.
  18. GFS 18z still keeping with the theme of heavy thundery showers tomorrow, again most potent across central southern England. The place to be tomorrow probably around the Dorset area I think.
  19. That would certainly do me alright , good luck to all you lot tomorrow! The GFS does indicate some of the best Li's and CAPE there tomorrow.
  20. Stupid mistake, I meant the NE. Thanks for correcting me, though still no development from the rain band, probably going to end up being a dull light rain band...
  21. Tony Gilbert from ukweatherworld has his convective outlook forecast out for tomorrow link here: http://www.ukweatherworld.co.uk/forum/index.php?%2Ftopic%2F103169-convective-outlook-thurs-1st-may-2014%2Fpage__pid__897681#entry897681
  22. The rain band doesn't really seem to be doing much just slowing sliding it's way towards the SW, once this band passes though that's when the heavy showers seem to be coming in and then the real action begins tomorrow.
  23. The storm by Stoke-on-Trent does look to be the most intense out of all the showers. Anyhow the current GFS 12z run has continued to forecast the risk of a few heavy showers and thunderstorms tomorrow, most of central southern England and Wales highest at risk, but also the chance for eastern areas including the midlands too.
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