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  1. Now you've said it the whole front is basically pivoting lol I was looking at the radar wrong!
  2. Not surprised snow is settling extremely quickly, here in Reading, grass and concrete temperatures are at 1.4'c and soil temperatures are at -0.1'c so expect similar values for the rest of ya!
  3. Ngl the fronts precipitation looks more intense and covers a much larger area to what is suggested even on the latest ICON 12z and ARPEGE 12z runs!
  4. From my eye, that heavy precipitation in the channel has Brighton's name written all over it!
  5. Since the area of precipitation is moving across the channel too, I'm hoping it will pep up a little further. Ngl West Somerset looks like its going to be absolutely clobbered!
  6. Agreed with @Man With Beard, even if under the darkest green colours on the Netweather radar scale; in an hour period that equates to 1cm/hr of snowfall. If under the yellow for an hour that equates to 4cm/hr of snowfall. This is because rainfall to snowfall ratio is 1:10.
  7. Hirlam 6z has just come out, the M4 southwards look fantastic with 7-15cm with more further south. West country look at between 4-8cm and further SW between sort 2-5cm.
  8. Yes especially once the band has almost arrived so they are much more confident on who will get most impacted.
  9. -2.9'c here too, would be nice to hit -4'c and have the chance to get some freezing fog!
  10. Lol, the Met Office predicts in Reading we'll experience 11 hours of snow, from Thursday 5pm till Friday 3am with 4/11 hours being heavy snow. Anyway's I'm hoping at least the front is a little further south tomorrow as we'll all experience further snow as the front wraps around.
  11. I'm confident that the front won't lose too much intensity as it enters Southern England, it will be continually drawing moisture from the channel and even as the front passes through (if it does) I will expect some showers in behind.
  12. Warning matrix suggests an increase in confidence will result in an amber so...
  13. When confidence increases, I expect an amber to be in place for much of Wales and the moors of the SW.
  14. Hardly any snow from Midlands north, M4 southwards should have no worries because this accounts for further southerly corrections between now and the event.
  15. EURO4 6z looking good yet again for tomorrow, areas seeing 6 hours+ of snow in places. Looking at 5-10cm widely!
  16. EURO4 finally reaches the next potential significant snow event for England but only reaches the M4 corridor at T48. Dewpoints clearly below 0 or all; 850hpa temps below -5 excluding far SW & winds off the continent, looking good!
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