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  1. 1 minute ago, Summerstorm said:

    Way out on it's own though the Arpege,Hirlam and Arome don't go this far east as well as the UKV posted by Mapantz. That's a big shift compared to these other highly regarded hi-res models so i would wait and see what it's next run puts out compared to the other models. At least that's my take on it and we are barely a day and a half out now i doubt it will shift that much. 

    Yeah EURO4 is by far the furthest east of all Hi-Res.

  2. Just now, Azazel said:

    HIRLAM showing the bulk of activity pretty far west over cornwall up into southern wales. Does show an arm of precipitation reaching into central southern counties though. Same with Arpege.



    Generally with a mass of thunderstorms/MCS the eastern edge has the most frequent lightning/highest rainfall rates. Potentially could be what the Hirlam & Arpege are showing.

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