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  1. Whilst there is meant to be heavy precipitation over Reading, barely a flake falling from the sky atm.
  2. A sleety mix here which is disappointing as its some of the most intense precipitation we've had all day.
  3. This is crazy, just stop snowing; just seen an on-site security block try to clear his car and he just didn't bother!
  4. Visibility has significantly reduced in last 15 minutes, almost whiteout! Accumulations of 7-8cm in places more than I expected. Probably one more hour of this and then game over?
  5. Getting extremely cold and snowy now! this is the main road outside the campus.
  6. I've really needed to go bed, but this area of snow has been keeping me on guard!
  7. Euro4 18z looking very nice, snowing continuing till 9am and reckons it'll pep up at 3am.
  8. Definitely, paths and roads are well gritted on campus but they are finally beginning to get a dusting.
  9. Temperature: 0.0'c, Dew-Point: -0.9'c, Surface Temps all at 0.0'c.
  10. Yeah I am on campus in halls of residence, using the Reading observatory as my data atm.
  11. Dew point and temperature have gotten warmer over the last few years, fingers crossed the snow flakes become bigger and wetter.
  12. The system is really beginning to pivot now, judging by last few frames!
  13. About to be clobbered in Reading here according to radar, glad everyone's enjoying themselves more now.
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