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  1. Oh my... NetWx NMM for next Wednesday! Wouldn't be surprised if we saw record breaking temperatures based on that 12z run.
  2. Oh my the GFS Parallel looks absolutely crazy... Almost seeing 22'c 850hpa temps along the south coast mental.
  3. These developments have the potential to produce the most frequent lightning and the best storm structures of today!
  4. I do have an eye on developments across Somerset/Devon into Dorset around 6-7pm this evening. Almost all the models have converged on a potent line of storms tracking eastwards and show the most significant precipitation rates of the day here. Check EURO4 out for an example: Don't often see rates like that shown for the UK.
  5. I'm all for pictures of any types of cumulus as I find it particularly interesting to see a corresponding observation with the Sat24 loop. Regardless it is only a matter of time before the atmosphere goes bang. Convergence is setup on the NE side of the cumulus field and is expected to hover around Dan's MDT he issued this morning.
  6. Really want to go out chasing today, but it's going to take at least a 3.5 hour drive ugh...
  7. Developing showers and potentially thunderstorms developing behind main front of rain in the channel.
  8. Moving N/NE tonight. PWAT stands for Precipitable Water for those interested.
  9. Doesn't matter if the area highlighted is capped. Any storms tonight spawning over the English Channel will form above the boundary layer and as a result will be elevated. Lack of AcCas may be as a result of limited moisture. GFS showing PWAT values to significantly increase midnight into the early hours. The storms on the picture you have posted coincides with the high PWAT values.
  10. Satellite image here: Weather United Kingdom and Ireland, Satellite Weather United Kingdom and Ireland, Weather Forecast, Rainfall, Clouds, Sun in United Kingdom and Ireland - SAT24.com EN.SAT24.COM Weather United Kingdom and Ireland, Satellite Weather United Kingdom and Ireland, Weather Forecast, Rainfall...
  11. My bad maybe I should've been clearer. Imo the UKV is on its own in comparison to the other hi-res models. I actually hardly pay any interest to the GFS & ECM when thunderstorms are forecast but maybe that is just me. That saying I do agree with your final statement.
  12. Looks like West Wales will see a cracking lightning show tomorrow night. UKV very much on its own.
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