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  1. Low pressure moving up through the Bay of Biscay Friday into Saturday, northerly winds across much of the UK bringing -5'c 850hpa temperatures could bring the potential for a snow event across much of Central UK during Saturday morning. Timing is key here whether the low moves up through the night or during the day & whether enough cold air can wrap around the low pressure as it exits NE'wards. Low probability of a snow event given it's still 3-4 days away. Apologies if a thread has already been set up for this & if it is in the right area, not been active in a while.
  2. Hurricane Ophelia

    Somewhat eerie here today too, a clearly unstable atmosphere and warm which is very strange for this time of year. Ophelia on the other hand after a northward push, seems to be moving increasingly eastwards now. Link below showing sustained hurricane force Cat 1 winds of 80mph+, gusts exceeding much higher. https://earth.nullschool.net/#current/wind/surface/level/orthographic=348.32,50.66,3000
  3. Hurricane Ophelia

    Ophelia pretty much completely in view now on Sat24: https://en.sat24.com/HD/en/eu/visual Eye still evident?
  4. Just saw a very distant bolt of fork lightning from storm to the North, got me very excited actually!
  5. Definitely some good convection taking place over Gloucester areas. Can see tops of anvil from Filton, looking impressive!
  6. I've not seen this intensity of rainfall in quite a while!
  7. I'm a little too far south to view this unfortunately, must be impressive!
  8. Odd looking, low hanging cloud base to my north. Fortunately sun poking through now to increase surface heating.
  9. Some very convective looking skies here, and some very dark cloud bases too, could be an interesting afternoon!
  10. European Storm & Convective Discussion

    Quick one off post on this thread, but going to be flying home from Palma to Bristol soon, with apparent MCS across Southern France, should be a good view!
  11. Active storms look to nail Bristol in the next few hours, enjoy it while it's there boys as not home to see it myself!
  12. From my inexperienced eye, storms forming to SE as a result of outflow from large thunderstorm system to west. Either way someone is going to get something today/tonight.
  13. Typical one of the most promising risks of storms for Bristol and I'm on holiday, would post more but not had time! Good luck to you all and hope the storms can crack open the Bristol Storm Shield
  14. Probably due to the shallow CAPE values and fairly low lapse rates.
  15. My thoughts of potential new developments atm: