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  1. Croftfoot was mayhem around 5pm tonight, looked like there was a car on side of the road (road may have been closed off?) plus other drivers where attempting to get up hill but no success. Must be a good 6/7 cm of snow here in Castlemilk, maybe best snowfall since 2010.
  2. Incredible drive home from work, first time driving in snow since passing test. After that drive can't believe I am saying this but I think I have went off the idea of snow! Never been so nervous. Main roads at Rutherglen at standstill during which 3/4cm snow must have feel in around 15mins. Car now officially abandoned outside Castlemilk. I am right in saying worst still to come?
  3. Great photos buddy especially first one with how clear the moon is showing up. Where these photos captured on a camera or just with phone?
  4. Almost there now, this event for snow has been kicking around for past week now so it has been consistently modelled, what can go wrong now... BBC and STV forecasts on TV just now didn't look as good as yesterday with majority of snow clearing by around 1. We will see. Is the Euro4 and GFS best model to run with for meantime? Cheers.
  5. Is this the first signs of the major pattern change? Alaskian/Aleutian ridge returning this side of Christmas. How often do we see such agreement between ensembles at that range, may not lead to anything and could be gone tomorrow but signs are at least being sniffed out although not surprising based on thoughts on here and Twitter.
  6. Possibly same thoughts over on other side of pond, with cold over in US also taking a temporary breather for coming week or so.
  7. Further to the recent posts regarding where we go in next 2-3 weeks with strat. Will be interesting to monitor over next week to see how this will progress.
  8. Will be very interested on how this progresses, also liked how he admitted to his failings on last year's forecast. One key thing which I don't he mentioned was the hurricane season, if we factor this in then 95/96 hurricane season ranks high up in the table and not far of this season. Unsure of the '62 hurricane season.
  9. Model Output Discussion 01/09/17

    To be fair the CFS only last month was starting to hint at blocking through Dec and Jan but has now backtracked. We also had GLOSEA last winter constantly going for -NAO like ECM seasonal, last year was a disaster for all seasonal models from what I remember. Will be interesting to see seasonal models come end of Nov.
  10. Maybe something that ties in with this forum, forecast for upcoming winter based covering all things winter including stratosphere warmings and how this interacts with QBO/solar plus analogs to upcoming winter. Thanks. https://twitter.com/RaleighWx/status/925010393092755458
  11. Winter2017-18Forecast.pdf Very interesting forecast which I thought I would share with you guys, one of the American mets from Twitter had issued his 2017-18 forecast. His top analogs are 1962/63 and 1995/96! Was a great read and very informative although I did get ahead of myself! Will add Twitter link if people are having problems viewing pdf:
  12. Further to summer blizzards post regarding 1932. I should add the from information/conversations from over on Twitter, 1932 is becoming a year that is increasingly popping up as an analog for upcoming winter for mainly following reasons: easterly qbo, active hurricane season (ranks in top 10 for total hurricanes within a season like this year), solar cycle 16 in quiet spell in '32 and probably the most important and interesting link between both years is 1932/33 being the 2nd year La nina like 2017 (per seasonal models forecast). Also to note was 1930/31 falling under strong el nino category before multi-year la nina set in, again this can be compared to 2015 El nino (although understandably 2015 feel under super nino). Last point to note was AMO phase generally the same as 2017. All this information can be found in American forums and Twitter too. Top pic shows solar activity during 1932, bottom pic shows the ENSO pattern prior to 1932.
  13. To add to recent posts on this page about the steady build up of snowcover, looks like we can report our first snowfall over in Moscow this season! Not sure how this compares to recent years in terms of how early the first snow arrived.
  14. Hi all, looking for some links (if available), can anyone provide a link to QBO records pre-1950 as I am looking for some comparisons with other years of high hurricane activity. So looking any help would be appreciated.