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  1. @CatchMyDrift just a tad cold in Calgary over next few days. To be fair quite the event over there with the record cold dropping into Texas and possibly over the border into Mexico tomorrow Over here, the thaw has well and truly set in here snow just about hanging but likely all gone by tomorrow i would think but if the end then great winter here, probably best since 2010?
  2. MO in confirmation on this. Now colder than any point in 2010.
  3. Hoping the guys and girls from Ayrshire are fortunate this time around. Fingers crossed
  4. Quite the sight, first time ever we have had GCC in gritting the roads in our streets and at midnight of all times. How exciting.
  5. Went out a wee walk and timed it nice as sat and watched that "big" blob incoming. First picture shows this incoming. Came across outdoor art on my way home. Second photo is main road which gritter passed by 5mins before this photo Heavy Baltic oot there!
  6. First time in months the main bulletin isn't about COVID on STV news. Reporters are live around Scotland and Sean Batty is going to explain why this happened. Glasgow Live have said Scotland badly affected by Storm Darcy...
  7. Not sure if just me but is anyone else having issue with Netweather Radar? Nothing near Central belt on mine. We all good! Panic stations for a minute there.
  8. Oh my this blob is generating enough snaw to warrant a amber warning - heaviest yet, amazeballs!
  9. Sitting around 10cm here looks to have come from overnight. Nae bad for southside who are not in Amber warning... Yet
  10. Another thing to add with continued snow through most of tomorrow, is the temperatures which really drop away tomorrow night and especially Wednesday, MO have my location down as minus 7 and not rising above 0 during Wednesday at all. As someone mentioned earlier should hopefully mean snow stays around for most of this week.
  11. Aye nice one Sean, there was me happy with snow from last blob that passed through.
  12. Heaviest snow so far passing through - struggling to see across the road with the wind really picking up with this one.
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