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  1. @101_North Did you see this - not sure if you missed this but another person getting snaw
  2. Snawing here too! And already more than SE of England . Where did this come from fair play @Glaswegianblizzard You had the faith or power!
  3. And here it has sat around no higher than 3 degrees over past week maybe more bar the odd day of reaching massive 5. Last night and previous night sat around -6/-8 with persistent frost throughout the day. Not much of a difference between both locations.
  4. What you thinking Steve, much movement south towards central belt? Is this same feature picked up few days back?
  5. Sorry to make things sound bad for you but aye Castlemilk had touched down in land of snawland (not to be confused with Shawlands). Although last week i had snow at top of castlemilk but bottom of castlemilk drive was clear!
  6. Much talk of the upcoming potiental snow over next few days but here is something more focused on medium/long term from American weather guru! Hope dies last...
  7. Yip very interesting indeed! NW Scotland looks to be getting quite a dumping over next 3-5 days - could leave upto good 30-40cm of snow by Friday.
  8. Heavy snaw here in southside of Glasgow - only started around 7ish and coming down quite heavy and like Mr Frost snow is settling easily on surface. Quite surprised.
  9. Least with this one - the poor sun can't be blamed for this one like 2012 - the sun would be thinking "i have kept quiet for you guys". Really need to hope Ecm weeklies have been on the money for last week of Jan and majority of Feb only way to make up for this - they have been consistent plus overall pattern remains favourable as a few have mentioned earlier.
  10. Consistent as shown below - Greenland high will be way forward as oppose to Scandi high going by weeklies.
  11. At no point did anyone in here did claim that heights into Greenland in next week would be primarily route especially with background signals. Day 10 charts which you mention to be "boom" are more likely than any point this winter so far. Only model that consistently had heights into Greenland by mid Jan was the ever atrocious CFS, says a lot. Michael Ventrice on Twitter today did mention the lag on trop impact between SSW warming over Siberia in comparison to SSW over NA (like Feb 2018). The impacts are not felt until 20-30 days after warming - taking us to last week of Jan. That makes US guys also keen on cold last week of Jan into Feb.
  12. Hope this works (please let me know). This was week 3 from last run - considerable stronger signal for Europe and U.S on tonight's run.
  13. Quite consistent now with 21st onwards as sign of change
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