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    Snow, Wind, Thundersnow, Cold, Ice and Heavy Snow... have i mentioned snow yet ;) odd bit of sun now and then especially in winter! Football fan and enjoy rock/indie music.
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  1. Bullseye

    Winter 2018/19

    Further to the above from CC. Found this on Twitter earlier this evening. May give more support for ECM version of front loaded winter plus you have the correlation between -AO and -NAO.
  2. Bullseye

    Autumn 2018

    Hi all, some incredible temperatures around today think up here in Glasgow was around 20c. When was the last time we reached 24c+ from 10th October onwards? As you would expect higher temps of 25c plus seemed to occur around start of month (2011 for example).
  3. Bullseye

    Spain weather

    Think alot of the forecasts this week by GFS for temps to reach close to or just over 50c is due to GFS bias. As pointed out on Twitter, several other reliable models are indicating temps of around 6-8c lower than GFS (around 44c which is still incredible but not unheard of). The met office also mentioned their error on forecast 50c+ this weekend in Portugal/extreme southwest of Spain. Linked to met office http://www.euronews.com/amp/2018/08/01/portugal-s-met-office-retracts-hottest-day-prediction-blames-extreme-weather-for-mistake?__twitter_impression=true
  4. Many thanks for this post, really interesting figures. What has impressed me the most is the amount of times 1783 has appeared over last week or so for the continuous heat!. Thanks again.
  5. Something is on here unsure if sleet or snow though, sky is really heavy.
  6. 50cm of snow is crazy especially so far west!
  7. Good day all round for most parts - caught tail end of the heavier showers through this morning and later part of afternoon. Dived into the model thread and jeez breath of fresh air like a ghost town with some continued signs for more cold next week from NE according to ECM 12z. Hoping we can catch some of the snow that is moving north from down south tomorrow although highly unlikely. Also, i see there is a big snowball event planned in Glesga this Sunday!
  8. On my way to work this morning (walking it to Gorbals) and was like a ghost town with Castlemilk Drive especially quiet and pretty bad. As you say incredible, not far off 2010 for snow depth in this area of City.
  9. How we looking @Mr Frost, NW radar looks promising for another band coming in. You got the last one spot on so no pressure
  10. Great news Frost, patience hopefully paid off... as if 15cm wasn't enough ha!
  11. Glad you mentioned that! Hope it won't die out beforehand, wondering if the City Centre have been hit hard in past hour as main band was sitting north of Glasgow to city centre.
  12. All quiet here in southside of Glasgow, all grey now but this was around 10mins ago. Had to nab this off Twitter as my phone wasn't picking it up well, bright glow towards east of City centre
  13. Just little further up from @Mr Frost in Stravanan (top end of Castlemilk). Sent home from work at 2pm and since the snow has been relentless, wouldn't even want to harzard a guess at how much we have. Good as it gets really. Should add photo below is one of the main roads which was cleared around half an hour ago!
  14. All GCC nurseries and schools closed. They're expecting conditions to get worse especially this afternoon into tonight. Wouldn't be suprised if schools remain closed tomorrow. Glasgow seems to have been hit pretty hard through the night.
  15. Haha brilliant! Usually Castlemilk (where i am located) follows East Kilbride when it comes to snow but not this time so far we have only got covering on the payments/roads, hoping for a change once the wind direction changes.