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    Snow, Wind, Thundersnow, Cold, Ice and Heavy Snow... have i mentioned snow yet ;) odd bit of sun now and then especially in winter! Football fan and enjoy rock/indie music.
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  1. Nice one! Just had heaviest snow of winter (not difficult) here in city centre although just landing now on grass. Hoping back home at EK has similar scene to this photo!
  2. Interesting output so far today, has something shifted to take us away from the persistent +NAO from around 2012/2013 until earlier this year? Few ideas going around solar activity now more or less at solar minimum and this is turn is allowing for more impact on trop & strat, especially with the progression to a EQBO not expected till January. Consistency key as always here.
  3. Great spell of weather at the moment - well for past 3/4 weeks! Quite a contrast to some areas doon south. Figures at end of month will interesting. Cracking photos there, what did you use to take these photos - not much of a tech guy so unsure if the phones would capture clear photos especially one with the hawf moon! Ta
  4. One of the main things I have noticed in last few weeks is the increasing confidence on twitter from some of the guru's over the pond, many are now starting to turn their thoughts to winter with a few teasing their liking towards a early start in winter. One of keys I feel is the -NAO over last 6 months (which has been highlighted on here by one or two of experienced guys). This has been hard to achieve in last 4/5 years for one month never mind the consistency of this year, more or less since back end of winter this year we have seen -NAO, this could be the turning point going forward, feel now the solar impact is starting to show its hand - we are around 50 spotless days away from 2008 & 2009 levels. QBO this year seems to be on our side or edging towards becoming a positive (neg QBO achievable around NY) going into winter while we don't have any raging/strong el nino or la nina to override this solar impact. My concern would be seasonal forecasts but last winter also lead us to think we were in for something special with their continued signals of extremely -NAO in Feb/March after strat warming, unfortunately didn't materialise as expected but seasonal forecasts only a month out were all showing this. The good thing in this much changing warming world is we are still seeing moments throughout winter in NH were we have temperatures pushing record breaking (US quite common last few years but sure C+E Europe also experienced similar), hopefully we can tap into this at some point.
  5. @101_North Did you see this - not sure if you missed this but another person getting snaw ??
  6. Snawing here too! And already more than SE of England ?. Where did this come from fair play @Glaswegianblizzard You had the faith or power!
  7. And here it has sat around no higher than 3 degrees over past week maybe more bar the odd day of reaching massive 5. Last night and previous night sat around -6/-8 with persistent frost throughout the day. Not much of a difference between both locations.
  8. What you thinking Steve, much movement south towards central belt? Is this same feature picked up few days back?
  9. Sorry to make things sound bad for you but aye Castlemilk had touched down in land of snawland (not to be confused with Shawlands). Although last week i had snow at top of castlemilk but bottom of castlemilk drive was clear!
  10. Much talk of the upcoming potiental snow over next few days but here is something more focused on medium/long term from American weather guru! Hope dies last...
  11. Yip very interesting indeed! NW Scotland looks to be getting quite a dumping over next 3-5 days - could leave upto good 30-40cm of snow by Friday.
  12. Heavy snaw here in southside of Glasgow - only started around 7ish and coming down quite heavy and like Mr Frost snow is settling easily on surface. Quite surprised.
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