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  1. sorry don't know how to post links but the ukmo 144 is an improvement🙂
  2. so if that shortwave moved east does that mean that low won't get as far north as forecast?
  3. yeah thats what i was just thinking,fingers crossed
  4. are the showers expected to ease off tonight?
  5. that shower hitting here now whiteout-thunder as well
  6. ukmo is out at 96 on wetter sorry can't post links but its not like this mornings run- sorry was yesterdays
  7. is it me or does the 192 chart on wetterzentrale look different compared to the one on meteociel?
  8. snowing here too now,white over in a few mins
  9. well been sat watching the radar which was showing nothing over me then i look outside,its snowing and its white over
  10. yeah snowing steadily now
  11. just had a brief snow flurry here
  12. Light flurries of snow here just started