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  1. Can anyone see the temperature getting as low tonight as they are saying? I live fairly rural and the temperature is about 1C.
  2. Can confirm the surrounding roads are bloody terrible. Especially the M65. Did overtake a few fan buses on the way home though. Will wait and see!
  3. Had some really unusual power surges here this morning. Tripped out the system 3 times. Not sure what to expect today haha
  4. Had to put the drinking on hold and put out the fire as the smoke from the wood fire blew back down the chimney and filled the house. Trees are down and the house is now shaking. Just thinking that somethings got to give before long if it keeps up.
  5. Carnage on the Virgin rail network. Advised people to abandon all travel. Lots of lines broken.
  6. M62 between junctions 22-23 now closed to all vehicles. Everything's blown over. Edit: Also Thelwall Viaduct shut for everything.
  7. Pretty horrendous outside. Trees bending, made worse still by the fact the worst of it isn't even here yet. Interesting few hours to come...
  8. 110mph gust just recorded off the coast of southern Ireland.
  9. Yellow is hail, red is snow, grey is sleet and blue is rain.
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