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    Snow, wind, fog and extreme temps - I just love the chaos it brings to the British transport system!!

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  1. Congratulations South Africa!! A well deserved victory!
  2. Well done England. Can anyone recommend a good counsellor??
  3. Seems unusually early Kazan isn't particularly far north. About the same latitude as Moscow. 55 degrees.
  4. 42,000 without power already ...many hours before Dorian makes landfall.
  5. Dorian due to hit Halifax, Nova Scotia this evening and then track up through Cape Breton Island before heading off towards Newfoundland. I was in Halifax a couple of weeks ago for my brother's wedding (great place by the way, incredibly friendly people and well worth a visit). We drove up to Cape Breton island following the track that the hurricane is forecast to take - What amazed me at the time is the number of trees - hours upon hours on the highway with nothing but trees- I knew there'd be a lot of trees - but wow! I imagine these will take quite a battering tonight along with some of the more vulnerable communities along the east coast. Traffic webcams http://roadcams.ca/
  6. Kiwi

    Aviation Thread

    Tragic!! - and avoidable? Seems very similar to the recent Lion Air crash where another brand new 737 Max 8 accelerated and dived into the ground/sea shortly after takeoff. Fault with anti stall system? Boeing need to sort this urgently!! I'm not a nervous flyer - but having checked my upcoming flights I see that I'm booked on a Westjet 737 Max 8 in a couple of months - can't cee myself boarding that flight at the moment.
  7. Lightning just to my north (Reading direction) a few seconds ago ...followed by a rumble of thunder.
  8. I thought the worst had passed but we're getting some really fierce squally showers now. A few trees down in the local area and loads of smaller branches littering the country lanes.
  9. Yes Friday has definitely been a calmer day as India awaited the release of their captured pilot and as you say some commercial flights are operating in the area. Lots of pressure from US, Russia, Saudi etc etc thankfully led to India and Pakistan stepping back from planned action on Wednesday night. Unfortunately there seems to be potential for the situation to deteriorate. Some serious heavy artillery (155mm) firing both ways over the line of control (as well as small arms fire) and reports coming in of 2 Pakistani soldiers and 3 civilians killed as well as 2 Indians in the last couple of hours. Wouldn't have thought it'd take much for this to escalate further. Edit: Latest update on air traffic: "PAKISTAN AIRSPACE WILL REMAIN CLOSED FOR ALL OPERATIONS TILL 04TH MARCH 2019 FLIGHT OPERATIONS ONLY TO/FROM KARACHI INTERNATIONAL, PESHAWAR INTERNATIONAL, QUETTA INTERNATIONAL AND ISLAMABAD INTERNATIONAL AIRPORTS WITH RESTRICTED ENTRY/EXIT"
  10. Tensions continuing to rise tonight ..blackouts in many border towns and shelling ongoing. Lots of troop movements incl heavy artillery and tanks reported. Karachi sounds to be particularly on edge with reports of the Indian navy moving towards the Pakistani port city and Pakistan airforce very active in the area........Worrying.
  11. Yes, depressing. Clinging on to some patchy cover but it'll be gone by the end of the day. How are mid Feb prospects for cold looking?....wanting to avoid prozac so not venturing into model thread.
  12. Incredible day here in North Hampshire for messing around in the snow. Blue sky, crisp snow and the promise of a hard frost tonight.
  13. Basingstoke - Finished with my snow now!! Thanks everyone......and good luck with your snowfall this evening. Hopefully you'll be waking up to a winter wonderland in the morning.
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