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    Snow, wind, fog and extreme temps - I just love the chaos it brings to the British transport system!!

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  1. Yep, the Met office forecast a bright dry morning, with cloud increasing this afternoon. Instead it's been grey and wet. Noticed that the short range forecasts have been pants recently -- Is this due to lack of data from aircraft? or are the Met office mainly working from home with more limited forecasting resources?
  2. Tends to make me a bit wobbly.....or is that the gin?
  3. This is ridiculous!! ........and now I'm panicking, some morons think tonic water fends off coronavirus and the shelves in my local supermarket were empty! Plans to fight my way through a lockdown fortified by Gin and Tonics are now in tatters!! ??
  4. Yes, the UK response isn't overly reassuring!!.....
  5. Kiwi

    Aviation Thread

    Sad news about Flybe and a disater for our local airport, Southampton. where almost 100% of flights are operated by Flybe.
  6. The name!! ........of the Apocalypse
  7. Yes...weird! why no protection for coach drivers? And who thought it was a good idea to hire Horseman coaches for this?....I'm sure I saw 4 of them!!
  8. Should I be avoiding fish and chips? ...or is the link to a seafood market a red herring?
  9. Hi Wiltshire snow lover. Yes, this won't do much for Middle East tensions will it!! No tears shed for Soleimani, who had an awful lot of blood on his hands but looks to be a massive over reaction by Trump to recent events in Iraq. 2020 promises to be yet another very volatile year in the Middle East- a significant escalation of proxy attacks against the US and its allies in the region seems almost certain and the cycle of bloodshed will intensify.
  10. Congratulations South Africa!! ?? ? A well deserved victory!
  11. Well done England. Can anyone recommend a good counsellor???
  12. Seems unusually early Kazan isn't particularly far north. About the same latitude as Moscow. 55 degrees.
  13. 42,000 without power already ...many hours before Dorian makes landfall.
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