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    Snow, wind, fog and extreme temps - I just love the chaos it brings to the British transport system!!

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  1. Yes, depressing. Clinging on to some patchy cover but it'll be gone by the end of the day. 😥 How are mid Feb prospects for cold looking?....wanting to avoid prozac so not venturing into model thread.
  2. Incredible day here in North Hampshire for messing around in the snow. Blue sky, crisp snow and the promise of a hard frost tonight.
  3. Basingstoke - Finished with my snow now😁!! Thanks everyone......and good luck with your snowfall this evening. Hopefully you'll be waking up to a winter wonderland in the morning.
  4. Sorry!! We're still using it in Basingstoke.😁❄️😁❄️ Later ....
  5. Kiwi

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Yes, and ongoing here 5 miles outside Basingstoke. Still snowing heavily - snow seems to be rotating around us and not moving! Last time I saw this much snow I was in an Austrian blizzard! ...and it's heavy snow, so main rail line London-Southampton is bloked just outside Baingstoke due to fallen trees brought down by the weight of snow. M3 blocked due to jacknifed lorries and all roads gridlocked.
  6. Yes, still throwing it down around Basingstoke (I'm 5 miles north). M3 blocked and mainline rail line to Winchester/Southampton blocked by treees brought down by the weight of snow. Basingstoke hospital appealing for staff who are able to walk in.
  7. Yes, a bit messy here.😁 Hope everyone stays safe. I'm about 5 miles north of Stokey. Temp has taken a bit of a dip -0.5c and snow coming down heavily. All a bit surreal!
  8. Believe me - I've never said this before " I love Stokey!" (Basingstoke)❄️❄️😁
  9. Reckon it's formed over my house! Winter wonderland here and snowing heavily. Car was cleared of snow earlier - 2cm of snow on car is from just the last hour.
  10. Yes, we were off into Basingstoke tonight to watch my son perform in a play at the Haymarket theatre. Sadly cancelled so sat here watching the snow , drinking "snow beer" and following events on Netweather. And it's still snowing heavily outside. Jtay, you must have a decent pub in Downton? perhaps a trip there instead?
  11. Chucking it down with snow again in North Hampshire at the moment.
  12. Those of us to the west of the SE region seem to have done ok. Pleasantly surprised this morning. 8.5 cm on the driveway 9-10cm on the cars etc. Contemplated measuring road depth but thought that might be a bit silly! .
  13. So...I read on the SE thread that the current snow will gradually slip away to the SE, albeit decaying all the while - Given that the main band is now NW of me this is sounding good - Does anyone know if this is right? Decent night here and woke up to more than expected.😀
  14. Looking good for most of us I think. Especially like the Mets idea of a small low forming in the channel this evening...someone might get v lucky. And loving the term "Basingstoke Plateau" ...not heard that before!
  15. No precipitation here as yet. Just got in and on the way home passed 2 gritters treating the A33 Reading to Basingstoke Rd. I remain optimistic! and hope that everyone further west see's some snow later this evening or at least later this week.