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  1. I do agree with the general gist of yur point however many careers now demand degree level applicants, take this example.. I am 18 and join Tesco with the aim of becoming a manager, accept the starting wage of £5.00 per hour and must compete with the hundreds of other people working in my large store. Now we get to 21, i have just left university and enrol on a graduate scheme which will see me in management inside 1 year, with a starting salary of £19,000 (average starting salary for a graduate). We now go back to the person who began as a retail assistant on £5.00 per hour, spent the firs
  2. I am not saying that people who cannot achieve a minimum of GCSE grade C should go to university (though the people that get a U in Maths and English should try resit/revise their ass off), what i meant was that we should encourage as many people who are capable of succeeding to university, though i do think a lot of bogus courses should be scrapped.
  3. I think that people think its a god thing because they deal in absolutes and tax recipts, not affordability. I am not advocating building a lot of council estates, as a capitalist i want less state ownership, however perhaps tax breaks could be issued on new homes. I do not wish us to be in a situation like Japan with a large housing surplus, however if we were to build more, prices would stabalise.
  4. Sorry, i worded point four wrongly. There is obviously the aspect of foreigners going for jobs considered to be meanial by the general populus (cleaning for exapmple), and in an ideal economy this would not occur. However, there are also a lot of instances where by lets say a 50 year old who failed the 11+ never gained any qualifications or only did GCSE's, and this position gets filled by a foreigner, by encouraging higher education standards (more people getting higher qualifications), there would be less need for this to occur and as a result if imigration was slowed, unemployment would dec
  5. It is true, though the majority of our economy is now the tertiary (service) sector.
  6. I do not think the problem with the economy is that we have a small manufacturing base now, we have a tertiary economy as opposed to China which still has a secondary economy (though countries like Germany and Japan have managed to cling on to a lot of secondary industries), the main problem we have is that we have a trade defecit and are not taking the initiative with areas of the economy which are difficient. What i mean by the trade defecit is that we still export a lot of products, the difference being now that in a tertiary economy you export mainly services. The main reason for our trad
  7. Labour ran a deficit in excess of £30 Billion every year since 2001, it paid off in that the economy only contracted about 6% during the recession as opposed to growth of 10% during the time period that Britain ran a defecit, nevertheless it is a flawed economic policy to follow.
  8. Cuts can also be made in the prison service in my opinion, sell the playstations and tv's prisoners are given.
  9. Certainly some very interesting debate. There are two main flaws that i see in regards to employment in the UK.. 1) Many people that are made redundant from jobs are rarely willing to straight out and get a part time retail job of which there are plenty and would pay more than the dole, instead they spend months on the dole 2) There are about 10 times more jobs in London than any other English city, this is a major flaw because if you look at the percentage of jobs available (not the amount), i think that you will find a higher percentage of jobs available in cities like Leeds, Manchester a
  10. http://weather.unisys.com/archive/sst/sst_anom-100815.gif As you can see, La Nina continues to dominate along with a strong -PDO signal, this combined with a signal for an Atlantic High and the cold pool spreading west to the USA indicates a Jet stream on a NW/SE trajectory.
  11. While i do not agree with raising tuition fees, i actually agree with Labour's policy of getting everybody into university, i think the big problem is the choice of bogus degrees that are complete rubbish, and also more apprentiships should be created. Welfare system needs a big overhall, and the NHS needs to be private but subsidised upto a point.
  12. Slightly concerned given how close it is to Toba.
  13. Nothings really changed since the last update aside from the cold anomoly traveling further west, this will only be enhanced by the Tropical Storms dragging cooler water to the surface.
  14. Very interesting again, i muust say that i would get quite concerned if Etna went as quiet as Vesuvius for 50 years or so, i'd expect a very big eruption. As for volcanic activity in France, i can't see any major volcanic activity occuring over the next million years or so, though i suppose that some activity is possible.
  15. Very interesting, it sounds to me as if Etna will give more of the same for the next 50,000 years or so (a mixture of Lava and explosive eruptions), before it begins a pattern of more and more violent eruptions as the African plate moves north and increases the pressure upon Etna. If you ask me, the casue of Etna is a combination of hot spot and continental building. Ordinarily, the continental merge of Africa and Europe would normally lend itself to a mountain range rather than a Volcanic system, however becasue Europe is moving east, rather than south, becasue the plate curves around Italy,
  16. http://weather.unisys.com/archive/sst/sst_anom-100815.gif The negative anomoly approaching the UK has dissapated, however the cold anomoly coming off Spain is moving westward towards the USA, however the placement of the anomolies is only serving to enhance the -NAO signal, so i would expect height rises over Greenland to continue well into September.
  17. Truly amazing winter, coldest in 31 years and the eigth coldest in the past 100 years, also in the top 20% of coldest winters since records began. For me, what stood out was the persistant snowcover, from December 18th to January 18th, the snow did not melt. The outstanding event was easily January 5th which brought eight inches of snow and possibly the most since 2000/2001 for a single event, i was also impressed by how often frontal snow events occured, though i was dissapointed that most of them brought the usual 1-2 inches however there were plenty of snow showers.
  18. True, though pressure has been proven to shift along faults, the only problem being that it needs to find a weak spot to escape. If the Anatonian fault goes then pressure will most likely escape from a Greek/Italian volcano, but if the block is too strong at Santorini or Vesuvius, then it will probably escape from Etna or Stromboli given the usual frequency or eruptions there. In regards to Kalta, i don't actually exect anything serious until the unpronouncable shuts down completely, because at the moment, Katla does not have enougth pressure underneath it imo.
  19. Anybody been keeping an eye on Istanbul? I don't want to be a doom monger here, but read the follwoing quote.. "Since the disastrous Erzincan earthquake in December 1939 in eastern Turkey, there have been six earthquakes along the fault with a magnitude greater than seven points, all progressing from east to west. The most recent, in 1999, was less than 60 miles east of Istanbul." Correct me if i am wrong but that is one every ten years and the last one occured eleven years ago. Scientists now predict a 70% chance of an impending earthquake.
  20. In regards to Santorini, the fault system is quite strange there because its actually one fault line that does a loop the loop with the confluence in the Agien Sea. In regards to any activity at Santorini, it seems to have entred a more regular eruptive phase in 1570, with the biggest gap in activity being 166 years since then, so with the last eruption having occured in 1950, i would say its pretty certain that another eruption will occur within the next century. Having had a look around, i think the best chance of an eruption at one of the Greek volcanoes or Vesuvius will occur when the Anat
  21. http://www.volcano.si.edu/world/volcano.cfm?vnum=0101-02=&volpage=erupt While there obviously are'nt as detailed records until after the 79AD eruption, looking at its known eruptive history, it seems that Vesuvius began erupting much more frequently around the time that Santorini blew its self apart, since then eruptions have become more and more frequent which is why the current gap of 66 years is concerning to scientists and is why i do not believe that we will see as bigger gap before the next eruption, though you are correct that there was a gap of 297 years before the 79AD eruption.
  22. There are actually a fair few volcanoes on the Italian mainland, however other than Vesuvius i do not think there has been an eruption in about 500 years. In regards to the strength of an eruption being correlated to how long Vesuvius is dormant, yes the link at Vesuvius is actually stronger than most, here is a quote from wikipedia for Vesuvius.. Large plinian eruptions which emit magma in quantities of about 1 cubic kilometre (0.24 cu mi), the most recent of which overwhelmed Pompeii, have happened after periods of inactivity of a few thousand years. Subplinian eruptions producing about 0.1
  23. While the anomoly has certainly weakened, it has continued its progress towards us, so my stance on a wetter than average September still stands for me. I would guess the reason for weakening is due to more energy going into the cold pool developing west of Spain, this has strengthened and will spread back towards the USA. Sea surface temperature anomolies around Greenland are indeed well above average, however this is consistent with a -AO/NAO signal so its not something to worry about as far as i am concerned, though i would not mind seeing a colder anomoly just north of the UK and Scandina
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