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  1. A truly exceptional set of winters and one that many are probably lucky to have experienced in their lifetimes. For me aged 20 at the time, the winter of 09/10 was by far the snowiest and most persistently cold winter i have experienced in my life. I recorded snow on the ground for 30 days consecutively and a peak depth on the 6th Jan of 29cm. For that to be followed by Dec 10 was exceptional, this was a month which saw rivers freeze over (something i'd not experienced) and for much of England the nights were bone chilling. Bar that spell in the middle (sadly) it would have been perfection. Fortunately at nearly 200m asl the snow on nearby fields did make it between the periods for a duration of 25 days on the ground and a peak depth of 23cm.
  2. 16.4C for me. Although it looks like July will finish a little above average i am hopeful that August will be the month to break the mold. Not least when one considers that normally the second half of the month is noticeably worse than the first.
  3. Now at 50 for the year At current pace we are looking around 90 for the year. 2006 had 70 and 2007 had 152 so it looks like we are tracking between the two.
  4. I'd be wary of the long range Met Office thoughts because i imagine they are based largely on the Euro ensemble suit and your always going to see a reversion to the mean (i.e. the longer the model goes out, the more likely it is to want a more N/S average scenario).
  5. As giddy as some are getting at the prospect of 25C in the south east it's worth saying that the models continue to be very unsettled and that if we don't get a sufficient pressure build then all a trough orientating SW-NE will do is pep up the rainfall intensity. Still, for those of us who prefer our heat early the outlook is pretty good.
  6. Can't really predict the effect of hurricanes because where they form and how strong they are differ so much.
  7. I'd not include 2014 for heat lovers because of the August but 2013 saw a nice to good June and August with an exceptional July that was every bit as good as many of the hottest months you remember (no rain for 3 weeks, sunny, hot).
  8. It's simply not going to happen this year for proper heat lovers in my opinion. The GFS is trying to push some westerlies in the tropics (good for us) but you can see that heat lovers have been screwed by a significant trade wind burst near the date line which has overpowered the said positive sign. With no real sign that the easterlies will abate, i suspect that a N/S split is as good as it gets. Of course that's not a bad thing for me since as we enter August i switch to wanting a cooler and more unsettled pattern.
  9. All i can say is thank goodness. The Euro is thankfully relatively unsettled and relatively cool and much like late June/early July.
  10. In terms of Autumn it's probably worth saying that the teleconnection with the highest amplitude (and therefore potentially largest effect) may be the -QBO which is strengthening in the lower stratosphere rather rapidly. With the PDO and ENSO pattern somewhat neutral/weakly warm it's interesting to ponder what a strong -QBO signal means. Looking at Q4 periods with a -QBO that was strengthening and at least month with a -1 deviation since 1980.. 2014 2009 2005 (peaked in Q4) Not a large sample since i imposed a few restrictions but at any rate 05 and 09 are not bad solar matches and 05 and 14 are not bad ENSO matches too. Strong blocking signal with the trough near the UK moving progressively east over the period (blocking signal is strongest in Oct and Dec). September sees a polar opposite with a strong Azores Ridge over the UK and raging +AO, so probably quite warm.
  11. I'm a little wary of this list living in Huddersfield myself, especially when you places like York as pretty dry and i think statistically Leeds is drier too. It's possible this is genuine and i'm just not noticing all those extra showers from westerlies or the enhanced rainfall rates but i'm more wary about how this was calculated. If for example they are basing this from Emley Moor then that is the better part of 200m above sea level anyway.
  12. It's one part bad luck and one part over-optimism if you ask me. We did get the response in the tropics (the red near the left is a burst of westerlies near Indonesia) that led to some calling for much better fortunes.. but you can also see that like an elastic band there is a strong easterly surge (the blue) which means that our window is shorter and that the Nina like imprint that has held back this summer, may return. This summer reminds me all the more of 2010, perhaps the August will too.
  13. As per my prior post i would add that the ECWMF ensembles are extremely aggressive with the forecast trades.
  14. Basically big red blobs represent westerlies (strong tropical westerlies are what we are talking about when we refer to the MJO - areas of low pressure and convection). We have recently seen a westerly wind burst near India/Indonesia (that line of relatively dark red near the left of the page) which is aiding in producing a upcoming warm spell.. however as that wave dies we are seeing a very strong surge of easterlies forecast to occur near the dateline (this is why Nino forecasts have reduced in recent months - those easterlies are refusing to go away) and this burst of easterlies may produce a response more akin to a Nina for the UK (generally less settled with the Azores High out of sight). That's how i understand things (Singularity expanded a bit on the westerlies).