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  1. Prediction for tonight..

    Con: 47

    Lab: 34

    Con majority: 114 (+/- 10)

    Scottish result will be 46-7-4-2 (Lib being 4) for seats.

    Welsh result will be 23-13-3-1 (Plaid being 3) for seats.

    If your looking for shocks i would suggest looking at all 3 Plaid seats, a very good night for 2 party politics could see Plaid with a wipeout (currently have Plaid just hanging on in all 3).

    For the Libs look for Lamb, the London guy and the southport guy to lose their seats and for them to take 3 seats from the SNP. 

    Conservatives: 382 (+51)
    Labour: 188 (-44)
    Liberal Democrats: 9 (-)
    SNP: 46 (-10)
    UKIP: 0 (-)
    Greens: 1 (-)

    *Not permitted to currently post in politics section so will only reply to this here. 

    Incidently i enjoyed the mild windy weather today while walking to the polling station. 

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    2. summer blizzard

      summer blizzard

      Exit poll suggest only a 1-2% Tory lead although first results suggest not. I tend not to doubt the exit poll though so wary right now. 

      Exit poll was almost right in 2015, last time it was properly wrong was 92.

    3. karyo


      The result is a weak Theresa... lol

    4. Yarmy
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