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  1. Not as likely as i thought but we have hit 10C in April four times in the past decade.
  2. If it's any comfort we are on pace to pass 100 spotless days for the year (by rolling percentage) so 2007 is a solar analogue. I'm confident that come July we will be rolling in a sea of shivering mud.
  3. I have to say that i am not pleased with that end result. 2012 was a month which was spectacular from a few days in to the end, it was stupidly sunny and had a couple of occasions where it was as good as or if not better than the current spell. This march until wednesday has been rather unimpresive with high values driven more by minima and fairly cloudy. This is a worthy spell but it is not a worthy month and it devalues the greats to finish up there. One must ask though, with a CET more than 1.5C above the average.. what does April need for warmest Feb-April.
  4. Waiting for the bus at 4pm yesterday i would have just about disagreed however waiting at 12pm today i thought the same. It felt very pleasurable.
  5. This is exactly why i much prefer spring warmth to summer. It can often be a much drier heat due to the lower dewpoint and feels so much better.
  6. Probably worth saying that 2007 is in the top 25 years too and although the winters turned colder, the summers were probably the more notable (bar winter 2010). We did get the summer of 95 just before a minima though. .......... It may be truer to say that spotless years may give a bias towards wet summers/cold winters but that the correlation is not terribly high. The opposite for solar maxima. .. I add that we need 160 to be in that top 25 list this year. At current pace we'd fall short but if we get longer runs later in the year then it's possible.
  7. -QBO looks to be coming along nicely now as it strengthens in the upper layers and gradually lowers. More importantly we now have a more normal look vs last year when we were all funky.. Look at the equator on the charts below..
  8. Of course one would take it (subject to no side effects). By living into the 2100's i could finally get that enabling act that would allow me to create a clone army.
  9. Maxima was in the high teens last week and minima near double figures over the weekend. Persistent but unexceptional warmth i suppose.
  10. I'll punt for 9.5C however i don't think this will be a month that pleases most people with the month getting progressively colder (relative to average) and wetter. I'd not rule out the first half being warmer than the second. Although i'm optimistic for a warm summer period this year (so it won't be as bad as 2012), i think that this month is when the settled period will break for quite some time.
  11. All Swiss final at Indian Wells with Federer yet to even be broken.
  12. Modelling pretty confident now that the Atlantic effort will be dismissed and high pressure rebuilds by day 5.
  13. Interesting. I had no idea that the final warmings occurred so close to the mean.
  14. April 10th for 20C. May 3rd for 25C.
  15. Hit 12C here although the wind was a tad too cold given the cloudy skies for just a t-shirt as i was wearing. With high pressure looking to build again (and the prior Atlantic spell pretty tame) it will be interesting to see if this persists into late spring or implodes 2012 style.