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  1. Euro has a more sluggish jet stream however it never has the cold air in place to gain from that.
  2. This was my fear as well. Although i don't believe in quotas and we have had dry years before (Nov 04-Sep 06) (Mar 11-Mar 12) causing drought fears we have also had periods where a couple of months of one extreme have been replaced with another (the wet summer of 07 was followed by a dry Autumn) (April 12-Dec 12 was extremely wet). No way to tell when it will happen but at some point you'd expect the weather to break.
  3. The winter of 06 was leagues above this one. While both had high pressure very dominant this one has managed two proper northerlies and an easterly so tame that it rained (even 2012 managed sleet). March 06 was running on par with 13 until about the 20th.
  4. Break it to us gently guys.. just how high are we looking at finishing this month. At 5.4C we are 1C above average, at 6C we are in what i call winter horror territory.
  5. After a quick cool shot in which low pressure barely has time to draw the cold air south both GFS and the Euro suggest that high pressure will build over Europe as the ridge topples with a anti-cyclonic southerly by days 9 and 10. It seems that February ends with a whimper.
  6. Easterlies are downwelling but it will take months to scrub the +QBO values from the lower stratosphere.
  7. Given the reduced number of days available and outlook to the 20th, it looks likely that Feb will end up a fairly mild month.
  8. Euro shows the Atlantic making stronger inroads into the north west from next weekend but quickly rebuilds the Azores High for the bulk of England which sticks around to the end of the run. GFS is a bit more aggressive but largely in unison. High pressure it seems will continue to rule the roost.
  9. Snow here but it does not makeup for the cataclysm that was yesterday. Looking at the radar it also looks like this is our last rallying call as we pull in more stable air and the high sinks.
  10. I suspect that instead of a pending Nino event this is more a response to the lack of a proper Nina (see sawing around neutral). If the PDO goes negative again, i would expect this coming event to be replaced pretty quickly.
  11. 1.2: 1.5C 3.4: -0.3 Subsurface is seeing weakening cool anomolies but there's no real strong burst of warm water waiting to surface so i suspect the official numbers can't peak above weak as things stand. Easterlies in the central pacific are also pretty solid so we're not going to see a big swing.
  12. In terms of City, Totenham, Liverpool and Arsenal this season seems as you were in that they all look good and get runs but lose to poverty teams which end up ruining their chances by the end. With a likely 12 point lead tomorrow it's looking like Chelsea are relatively solid however watching Man U you do kinda get the feeling that like Fergusson, it would get to Christmas and then they'd get into gear. As things stand i can see Man U finishing a clear second and probably pretty close to Chelsea by the end, especially if Rashford gets onto a run again. Normal service resumed in the Premier League this season it seems.
  13. GFS has a wave 1 displacement pushing the vortex towards Scandinavia in the stratosphere. It must believe that we'll see a troposphere effect.
  14. Euro suggests that high pressure will hold strong until at least day 8 and given this winter, i'd not be shocked if that was pushed back. If the cloud breaks towards the end of the week, it could feel quite pleasant indeed. Winter is over.
  15. The light is noticeable and despite the cool temperature i have noticed some daffodils sprouting in exposed spots.