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  1. Nothing more depressing than getting updates from family in the south-east telling me how much snow they’ve got...meanwhile not a flake in Nottingham
  2. Radar shows show over Nottingham, but currently appears to just be rain?
  3. Also in Nottingham! Can confirm no flakes as of yet but hoping for something a bit more wintry
  4. Here in central Nottingham had a brief rain shower at 2:30 and nothing since :/
  5. Heavy snow here in Nottingham, settles slightly then melts in the sun. We’ve also had the polystyrene balls (which I last experienced in Surrey in December 2010!)
  6. Met office app just updated with my location under snow for the rest of the evening! Some light snow forecast for Friday and Saturday too its been ever so slightly snowing all day
  7. Don't post unless it's snowing But considerably snowy mix here in the Camberley area!
  8. Drizzly rain here, with the odd bit of snow falling. Always nice to hear reports of others getting good snowfalls
  9. Had a nice amount here...until about 7 when it turned to rain! Left with the sorry remains now, anyway still very glad it snowed.
  10. Had a small flurry here, lasted about 5 minutes giving a covering on some surfaces (this was at about 10) and it all has since melted:) The snow shield from 2013 has finally been broken!
  11. Don't often post (more of a lurker), I only come out when snow is forecast! nice to see some heavy snow forecast for my area, hopefully some will settle. We've all been snow deprived for 2 years!
  12. Being a younger member, my interest began in February 2009, although I had always been more interested in the weather than your average child. By the time December 2010 came I was hooked and was constantly checking the weather forecast to see if we would receive any more snow!
  13. I would like a traditional autumn, which we've lacked in recent years, where there's frost and cool mornings where you can see your breath. A few storms wouldn't go a miss either! My question is where were we in recent years at this time? Currently some people are forecasting a warm autumn where as other are forecasting a cold one. For example, what were people saying about the autumn of 2011?
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