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  1. London storm from my garden in Rainham. Loads of thunder but just to far away.
  2. So tomorrow, I have a golf day in South Ockendon. Netweather says no rain, the MetO says rain all day! What one will it be?!
  3. only going by what it said on the display, no reason for me to doubt it or your readings! city airport has only recorded maximum of 50 in the last hour
  4. windy but nothing spectacular here. recorded a couple of 40mph gusts a while ago on a hand held but as I say nothing major.
  5. hour on hold before speaking to insurance company, assessor to come round from boxing day onwards... could do without anymore wind later this week as I dont want to lose the rest of the roof. The driving rain penetrated the inside of the loft as well but only a few drips made it to the boards. Worth checking out if you havent already,
  6. Lost two fence panels and a roof ridge tile. Sons goal also blew over the fence. Trying to get hold of a roofer to fix the tile isnt easy and the ones I have spoken to have said go through insurance company as it will be cheaper - 'supply and demand' he said. Happy Christmas!
  7. wet and windy but nothing more really for me (Dagenham). Setup a budget weather station in the garden today - http://www.gillham.me.uk/weather - wind samples are only every 56 seconds so probably missed some stronger gusts but nothing exciting recorded so far.
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