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  1. Now the pivot is really starting to happen! The precipitation is heading w/nw and will start heading se in the next couple of hours
  2. Lovely cover in Stevenage and a pulse of heavier snow on its way. Then mainly light snow as it all drifts away SE
  3. I will be just as interested next October as I was October gone! No tool is 100% right and even though this season it didn't live up to what we all hoped I don't think it's right to say oh well I won't bother with it next year! It is no different to any other tool and should not be taken as anything else otherwise we may as well not bother looking at sst, qbo, solar output, mjo etc. the OPI should be viewed like all those other factors and I for one will be watching to see how the OPI fares over the next few years!
  4. Night buddy, think you are in a good position for the main event! I'm to far west but if you get a covering build me a snowman ay lol
  5. dont think so I just think the ground still isn't really cold because although the 2m temps have been cold we have had very little in the way of hard frosts to get the ground temps down
  6. Been snowing for ages now turned everything white but now it's melting even with moderate to heavy snow still falling! Doesn't bode well for a covering tomorrow so think I'm going to call it a night now, good luck all!
  7. Showers to the north of London easing in intensity and now moving more south east than south
  8. yea heavy blowing snow turning things white but could do with the showers building further east rather than west like they are otherwise a lot are going to miss out! Oxford looks to be the place to be atm
  9. you are a little to far east for the current showers you need them to build further east rather than west like they currently are
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