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  1. Piddling down now with large rumbles. Husband ran into the garage to watch and then quickly ran back in because he was scared lol
  2. Been rumbling constantly to the east of us for a few hours now. Looking at the radar there could be some heading directly for us. Edit: Now some proper rumbling!
  3. Hello everyone, long time no see. This image was posted by Netweather on Twitter this morning http://ow.ly/i/6gJxe/original and I had to chuckle as there is a hole in the middle of the masses of crosses where of course I live I've watched snow clouds on the radar go around us and reform, it looks like thunderstorms do too!
  4. Ahh the sun is shining and I'm dreaming of summer. I think we need to make the most of days like these. Garden has turned into a swamp, I had to put my wellies on to hang the washing out
  5. Shocked that my garden is still in one piece. My trees have taken such a battering and was convinced my old alders wouldn't make it but everything is still standing. Even the home-made greenhouse and the trampoline are still in place. Talking about trampolines, Preston road in Yeovil was closed yesterday whilst the emergency services tried to get a trampoline down from a tree by the roadside. http://www.westerngazette.co.uk/Reports-giant-trampoline-blown-tree-Preston-Road/story-20631320-detail/story.html
  6. Sat here in my pyjamas drinking my coffee trying to get myself together to go outside to work in this. Perhaps the calves won't notice if they miss breakfast? Nah not going to get away with it am I! Will have to survey any damage when it gets light.
  7. I'd be interested to know what strength the wind has to be to get certain warnings. We have had gusts 65-70mph and we are in a yellow be aware warning.
  8. Lights keep dimming here First time in any of these storms the electric has threatened to go.
  9. As far as I know the roads in this area are ok, we haven't had a huge amount of rain today, just wind is the main problem. Obviously around the levels there are massive problems. If you have twitter, follow traffic south-west, great for updates on all travel problems.
  10. Had an interesting walk with the dogs across the fields. I was doing my Kenny from Southpark impression with my hood and I thought my spaniel was going to take off as his ears were flapping so wildly! I reckon I managed to throw the dog's ball some record distances though
  11. wind speed of 45mph, gusting to 66mph. I'm trying to convince my spaniel that he really doesn't want his afternoon walk but he isn't listening. my old lab doesn't care either way.
  12. Whilst having her sulk she must have thought it through and seems to understand my reasoning, so I don't feel as evil now. Wind has really got up during the last hour, now gusting to over 40mph. Took the dogs out across the fields earlier and the rain was like icy needles jabbing my face, totally unpleasant.
  13. My daughter normally goes to Youth club on Friday evenings but it is 4 miles from here. Shes currently in her room sulking (inset day) as I told her it was unlikely she is going tonight as I won't risk our lives. Hopefully one day she will realise I'm not evil but looking out for her welfare!
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