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  1. Can't believe I'm saying this but my God I'm hoping none of these snowy charts come off. The effect this will have on the vaccine roll-out at such an important time is unthinkable. Safe to say that very few people on here will be agreeing with me but this really would be a disaster!
  2. There really would be a correlation between the extent of any bad weather and deaths due to people catching COVID that could have been vaccinated. Anyway the weather do as it wishes, I just pray for no snow and extended cold, we've had enough crap to deal with🤞
  3. I joined Netweather back in 2004 and pretty much appear every winter hoping for snow and cold and every summer wishing for dry and hot. However this year, and hopefully for the only year I’m praying none of these cold charts come off. I’ve been involved in the whole COVID issue for a year and bad weather now literally couldn’t come at a worse time. For every vaccine delayed because people don’t attend it has an effect on a further 4 jabs to catch up. 3-4 days of bad weather will therefore have a huge effect on the vaccine roll out and something that none of us should be hoping for.
  4. It may not be pretty but if you’re a Spurs fan today is a very very good day. Although listening to Sky Sports I think I’m supposed to be hating it. COYS!
  5. I'm currently in the US and can confirm it's cold! The temperature drop here in the south is phenomenal and by no means is Louisiana the worst place. It's great to see so much informative information from the Weather Channel where they describe what and why it's happening and don't just focus on the wild headlines. Has to be said on the other side of the country the ski resorts are starting to get very worried. It's dry and warm with little change in sight so not everyone is enjoying the snow that's for sure!
  6. Rain becoming very sleety here so fingers crossed it won't be long before we get a few flakes
  7. Great team performance matching Chelsea on all areas of the pitch, something we could only have dreamed of 10 years ago. Great way to say good bye to WHL under the lights and such a positive team to take forward if we can keep hold of everyone. Wanyama was a monster in midfield never letting Pedro get a hold of the game. I've no doubt Chelsea will win the league but we don't have to worry about that, it's about going forward for us and we're certainly doing that. COYS
  8. Not bothered about the others either but it's still a massive game in this season's PL. I joined this website 12 years ago just as Chelsea were being formed as a club, time to send them back to where they came from (largely Twickenham when the rugby isn't on)!
  9. Missing my first Chelski game in 17 years tonight, a good omen I hope! Absolutely huge game that's for sure, not only for Spurs but for the entire Premier league. Chavs get a win tonight and I can't see them being caught by anyone, if we can get all 3 points it's game on and of course there's the little fact that we'll move ahead of the scum I'll take a draw but after last year surely we're deserved a little luck. For all you neutrals out there it's any easy option, support Spurs tonight or support racist scumbags, fact!!
  10. Haha I was there for that too and that's when I should have left early, half time!
  11. I remember watching Spurs v Man City in the cup. 3-0 up at half time and city down to 10 men. The only city fans left were those who had got the official transport down and yep they saw the biggest come back in the last 30 years. I don't leave early for that reason!!
  12. Coming from behind to beat the hammers in the last minute is perfect. Unfortunately that doesn't hide the fact we look so slow and pedestrian like. Huge games coming up but without a change of plan we're going to struggle to pick up the wins we need. Midfield have to offer more, especially Eriksen. Loved seeing Harry Winks get his goal though, he's living the dream all Spurs want to live!
  13. I was recently speaking to one of the architects working on the new Spurs ground. A specific area of the ground has been designed to incorporate safe standing as soon as any change to the law is passed. Daniel Levy is very keen to create a stadium that focuses on keeping an atmosphere and learning from the mistakes of the goons and West Ham. Unfortunately it's his understanding that no club (including Spurs) wants to been seen as being the sponsor of this change because of the sensitivities surrounding Hillsborough currently. This is also the case for the political change required with politic
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