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  1. I think it's fair to relate him to someone who is being so specific, he is quoting dates which is ludicrous. Record mild temps on Christmas day or raging blizzards on Christmas day, two different forecast but with the same motive....trying to get a reaction!!! I have learnt over the years not to get sucked in and emotional, especially at such an early stage in Autumn.Listen to the more informative folk on here ie chiono,Recretos,SK,Lorenzo, Interitis,Johnholmes,CC,to name but a few
  2. You are joking right? It is still October, I haven't fallen asleep and woken up in mid February 2014 have I??
  3. No he's not...you’re thinking of Mark Vogan (who, incidentally has good forcasting knowledge)
  4. The SSW was hot topic last year, even got to BBC, I reckon QBO will be flavour of the month this year and a very low solar max is a new spanner in the works, not seen in modern science
  5. As soon as the MET O say we are going to have cool wet summers for the next 10 years the opposite happens we have the warmest summer in 6 years
  6. What about the "respectable MET office" in my eyes they have made worse predictions Than James Madden, we seem to forget the terrible prediction of a mild winter of 2009/10, the BBQ Summers 2010+ and then when everything looks set for a cool wet summer of 2013+ for the next 10 years we have the warmest summer in 6 years. James Madden gets 1 winter forecast wrong......and people hate him.... I pay the met office through my hard earned cash through taxes.They get it so wrong but still people are not asking questions....this is so wrong!! Is it me? If James Madden gets it wrong everyone goes mental.You can choose to pay a couple of quid for his forecasts, we have no choice to pay for the MET office that everyone seem to agree with even when they get it so wrong. It is getting quite ridiculous, if the MET say it's going to be harsh winter I predict the warmest winter on record...ps I know the majority of this forum think JAmes Madden makes things up as he goes along and maybe he does, but what would you really go for this year a snowless winter like we should have in our ever warmer climate or a couple of decent Snow falls. (by the way my 5 year old daughter has seen more Snow than I did for a whole decade from the late 90s)
  7. Thank you maw368. I was looking at space weather.com for updates and it just seemed that there had been a rise in SSnumbers and more activity in recent days. Will check out that website. Cheers
  8. Just a quick question for anyone who has information. Will the sudden rise in the suns activity in the last couple of days have any impact on the SSW effects and our weather??? just looking on spaceweather.com the suns dic is covered in sunspots. somthing we haven't seen in a while, so a bit concerned this will have an impact on the weather we will recieve in the next couple of weeks...cheers hahahaha!!!! *DISC
  9. Never feel sorry for it, he's the bully in the play ground, that's just about to get a taste of his own medicine
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