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  1. I have also seen it happen before, been disspaointed too many times to get excited about anything modelled post T96
  2. Never trust an Easterly, espeacially when it's modelling a beaterly
  3. I'm hoping my daughter can roll a giant snow ball down the street at Princetown again come the weekend festive!!
  4. Anyone already post this? MET office obviously think a wintry flavour for our neck of the woods Thursday and Friday
  5. I read somewhere the reason the fabled failed beast from the east back in 2012 that models picked up and completely flipped at t72 hours was down to the big uptick in solar activity around that time. Am i talking complete BS or is there any credence in that ?
  6. SPOTLESS!! The sun is playing ball and on our side this time......for now !!
  7. "Frost returning this weekend" we had hard frosts every morning last week down here in Cornwall, some days the frost lingered all day. The coldest start to winter for a long time! First time since 2010 I've scraped the ice block of a car in the morning to get to work and in the afternoon to get home from work !! But no frost this morning!!
  8. Roads are white with ice down here in Cornwall, very wintry start to winter with us, not seen for a good few years

    1. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      Yes the south is seeing the coldest weather at the moment which is unsual17c warmer in Scotland compared to the south this morning

  9. http://www.northdevonjournal.co.uk/video-pictures-snow-hits-north-devon/story-29915315-detail/story.html snow in north Devon this morning

    1. Daniel*


      Well I believe so however I believe there is a relationship between our weather patterns getting stuck more in a rut with minimal solar activity, however an active sun has links to greater 'westerly bursts with a more rampant jet' I believe don't quote me 

    2. lassie23


      That is what i just read daniel:good:

    3. karyo


      At long last! :yahoo:

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  11. He's predicted prodomatly mild with Westerlies with a lack of blocking patterns, pretty much what we've had. Now we are getting this cold snap end of April beginning of May. Just like he predicted. This should prove to people who doubt his forecasting capabilities that he is one of Net weathers best forecasters!!
  12. Same here Karyo, let's hope it's a cold one! There's no denying, his forecasts are probably the most accurate
  13. Your forecast going well down here in Cornwall, currently hail and hill snow showers effecting coasts and moors on a chilly north westerly wind. Just read ideas for end of April/ beginning of May, very interesting!!! keep the forecasts coming Ian, always look forward to reading them
  14. Bitter cold wkend here, absolutely freezing, probably one of the coldest couple of days wev'e had in a while. Met got it spot on for us
  15. No, I believe it was my post and I wasn't having a go, was just pointing out that yesterday it was quoted that it is ridiculous to look out for cold at the end of march but today not so, because charts are showing somthing different.
  16. I really don't understand, the whole winter you were searching for the cold and bigging up cold charts, just because it's past the 1st of march you say it's ridiculous looking out for cold. We all know there's every chance it can get bitterly cold and snowy even through April. You can't turn the weather on with flick offa switch and mother nature dosen't follow dates so remember Frosty, statistically it's more likely to snow at easter than Christmas!!!
  17. I was gonna say, where are you Nouska, the Caribbean??? Yes at least I can tackle the overgrown jungle that my garden has become after such a mild winter
  18. Because we are talking from a IMBY perspective nothing to get excited about in the foreseeable from what I can see, just your bog standard boring weather, so until we can get some proper warmth iam still in winter mode!!
  19. So the complete opposite to what we all thought the effects of the SSW would bring
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