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  1. I'm going to put it out there on a hunch and say no more sunspots for the rest of the year and well into 2020, maybe even the majority of 2020 spotless if not the whole year i.e. the beginning of a Dalton type minima
  2. Yeah, we're heading into deep solar minimum starting end of the year -beginning of 2020 I don't understand why this is so difficult to grasp?
  3. No, because we are not at solar minimum yet!!! not until end of this year into 2020 will we see minimum levels. these sunspots are from current cycle 24!! how many times!!!!
  4. What??? not at min yet cycle 25 not started these sun spots are from 24!!!!
  5. https://spaceweatherarchive.com/2019/04/10/experts-predict-the-solar-cycle/ Didn't think we hit minimum yet. “As you can see – we haven’t quite reached the lowest levels of the last cycle – where we experienced several consecutive months with no sunspots. However, the panel expects that we should reach those levels [between now and the end of 2020].”
  6. lost complete trust in met long term forecasts. they were banging on about cold all winter, easterly winds etc. even in to Feb. in fact the complete opposite happened and we had record heat
  7. and if you look at the radar it looks like the first front is pivoting and heading back through cornwall, squashed from both sides
  8. north Cornwall got a pasting this afternoon. some kids had to leave school early and then bus got stuck. some teachers had to abandon their cars. wasn't forecast to be this bad
  9. They were crazy times, these were taken in Cornwall in March this year, this was the road leading down to the beach with 6ft snow drifts
  10. it's still November next Tuesday. we are very much still autumn watch!!
  11. does this mean that cycle 24 is showing signs that it's not going to be as low aS 23 and therefore 25 is going to be more active that people are thought to believe?
  12. I thought solar min is not until 2019 and so c25 won't start until 2019/20 ????
  13. I was just about to post this clip. what do people think? it does make you stop and think, very interesting and like you say time will tell and in the not so distant future
  14. We had a lovely day here in Bude north cornwall coast snowing early this morning with a good covering. Then the sun came out with blue skies for most of the day and the snow melted. Now we have heavy snow and back to a covering again.
  15. Yes it is Bude scenes like this haven't been seen since 2010/11 amazing really to see so late in the year
  16. Cornwall at sea level!!! Amazing to see this in March!! And the worst/best is yet to come today
  17. Hi festiv, Do you know what the roads a like going into prince town and surrounding area? Cheers
  18. Please no repeat of "that ECM" a few years ago when everything was a dead cert, even down to t48 and then... well we know what. Can remember even the met, bbc etc were certain. Is this set up Any different? Are we in a better position? Or could it all go horribly wrong again?
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