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  1. Another hard frost here this morning. I cant remember the last time I didn't have to Di-ice the ice box car. Cant even open the car door this morning because its so iced over. It has been so cold the local fishing ponds /canals have frozen over. My eldest even said "when is this frost ever going to end I'm getting bored of it now, when can we have some warmth" we haven't had a stretch of cold like this since 2010. Long may it last through the rest of Feb and March!...

    1. March Blizzard
    2. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      Another decent frost back home in Devon which is frostier than here in the SE atm (though that's not unusual at all), though it's not as cold as spells in Feb 2012 at home, or Jan-Mar 2013 for maxima

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