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  1. When was the last time (if anyone can recall) we had a good dumping of snow to lower levels down south i.e Cornwall and Devon from a PM source
  2. If you get any precipitation Saturday night it will be too cold for rain !!!!
  3. Mild on Saturday ? Where did you get that from??? It's gonna be anything but mild on Saturday, pretty much everywhere in the Uk including the south!
  4. and plenty of excitement from the guys over in the strat thread. something afoot up in the stratosphere which wasn't really expected this early on,
  5. Are you expecting any action regarding snow with you over the weekend fk? Wondering if it'll be worth a trip to Princetown on Sunday? Will keep an eye on the Dartcam with interest!
  6. I 2nd that.....couldn't put it better myself
  7. wow, just look at that cold getting ever so closer to us from both sides and that's not even a winter chart. good find Knocker, here comes the cold!!!!
  8. If you read through the archives the same thing happened around this time in 2009. It's like a inevitable knee jerk reaction to the mild November weather we are having now similar to 2009 It's quite reassuring, from a coldies perspective reading all the "winters over" posts and the bickering that went on in here around this time in 2009 due to the mild November. Little did they know that in a couple of weeks time they were about to experience one of the coldest winters in living memory
  9. It's quite reassuring, from a coldies perspective reading all the "winters over" posts and the bickering that went on in here around this time in 2009 due to the mild November. Little did they know that in a couple of weeks time they were about to experience one of the coldest winters in living memory
  10. when the bitter cold and snow comes its gonna be a hell of a shock to the system
  11. I'm personally waiting for iapennell's winter forecast, he usually does one this time of year. They have been very thorough and in my opinion quite close to the mark during the last couple of winters. I wasn't quite sure at first because he mentions in quite some detail certain dates throughout the winter months. So Iam anticipating what his methods will show for 2015/16 season
  12. HAHAHAH!!! all this talk is hilarious October the 30th and the writing is already on the wall for this winter. At this point I would just like to reiterate what seaside 60 wrote few posts back: "However it must be noted that 28th oct 2010 there is no forecast of the mega cold spell that was coming" especially so that we are in a situation atmospherically and SST wise not seen before, so in new territory i.e not many analogues to compare
  13. Just a question to put out there. Does anyone know if we have had a snowy cold winter (not just the north uk) from a predomatley west/north west storm track with little in the way of blocking, due to a cold anomaly in the North Atlantic??Winter 1984/85 comes to mind, I'm sure I heard from somewhere that it was a cold, snowy winter predomatley from west/north west. And sure enough that year ended with a cold Atlantic
  14. And if we are in a north westerly regime, with little in the way of blocking, will the cold pool help the storm track stay cold???
  15. Cold pool that year in september Then in October of 2009 it warms quite a bit But then by December it cools again
  16. Yes and the cold pool became even colder in December that year. So a keen eye on the cold blob during November, I would bet on it coming colder again towards the end of the year
  17. If you look at the cold pool during 2009 (I think the last time we had a tripole in the Atlantic ) it was very cold right up to October where it faded, then restablished in November, then we had the very cold start to winter
  18. Yes and that day was followed by the coldest July night on record and not much mention of this!
  19. I agree Exactly what I was thinking
  20. I reckon November 15th 2019 for Bude/Cornwall for a proper dumping, maybe December 14th 2015 cold enough for a few flakes
  21. We had quite a bit of snow for a few days down here in a Cornwall, but nothing special, nothing like 2009/10. I would take a guess and say the next memorable winter for us will be 2018/19 (around solar min) I think it was knocker in a different thread that pointed out that we seem to have had cold winters coincide with solar mins recently
  22. Has anyone got a graphic to compare North Atlantic SST this time last year (or last couple of years)compared to this years
  23. So would you say in 15 years time in Cornwall, during the summer of 2030 I will be enjoying days of 35 degrees + or will I still be complaining that we didn't even reach 20 degrees?.snowness winters and hot summers were predicted back then, they didn't happen.my next question is when will I be feeling the effects of global warming that I'm reminded about everyday?
  24. OK, I know I get slammed for saying just because its not 30 degrees IMBY global warming is not happening, but if someone told me back in 2000 (when I truly believed we were heating up) the temp will not get any higher (in Cornwall, one of the mildest counties in the Uk) than a measly 20 degrees for the whole of July, August and much of June in 15 years time, during the summer of 2015 I would have laughed in their face. Global warming may be happening else where, but it sure aint happening her...

    1. chrisbell-nottheweatherman


      Indeed, Nick - I wonder what part of "GLOBAL warming" the OP can't understand...

    2. John Badrick

      John Badrick

      So are we not part of the globe????

    3. chrisbell-nottheweatherman


      Of course we are, but global warming means that the globe is, on average, getting warmer - more places are warming than cooling. What happens here is part of that average. By saying "global warming isn't happening here" it's you that are treating Cornwall as being somehow detached from the rest of the planet. Cornwall itself might not be warming (though, spread over the last few decades, I bet it has warmed), but global warming by definition is happening globally, including...

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