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  1. Well that's an "imby comment" because in my BY it's been a hell of a stormy Jan and Feb so I reckon it's 1-1 and I have every confidence in the next prediction of a cold end of Jan/ beginning of Feb cold and if he gets the next round correct he'll be most accurate out of any LR forecaster as always time will tell
  2. WHAT?? Well down here in Cornwall we have had a really stormy December, so stormy in places a 12ft sand wall has been left on our local beaches, lived here for 15 years and never seen this before. So I would say Ian is spot on so far and if it's a cold end of Jan and Feb then I think people should listen
  3. Reliable was a bit tongue and cheek as nothing this far out is reliable when talking about an event a month away, but a SSW is still a distinct possibility !
  4. I've heard on the reliable grapevine that there will be big changes( stratospheric speaking ) mid to end of Jan which will produce a much more blocky, cold outcome for uk from mid Jan through into feb. Until then Atlantic dominated, stormy weather to endure. Anyone in hear agree with this scenario?
  5. Rember it can all go pete tong even 48 hours out, don't forget the infamous "That ECM" back in 2012
  6. My daughter rolling a giant snow ball down the street in Princetown back in 2015. Lets hope for more of the same this wkend. its nice and early this year too
  7. What do reckon on the chances of a princetown white out festive? Will be checking the webcams in the morning for sure 😁
  8. well Ian, has probably been the most accurate with his forecasts than anyone else in the last couple of years and I've always said I'm looking forward to the day when he forecasts a cold winter. Not quite there yet but I believe he thinks from 2020 will be the beginning of the harsh winters again in this country( is this right Ian?) I always wait for him to give his forecast until I get excited or in the last couple of winters annoyed with the upcoming season. There is a hint of excitement from me this year for later in the season after reading your forecast. Keep up the good work Ian
  9. Hurricane Nate

    Hay Karyo, you heard any noise from Ian Parnnell yet regarding this upcoming winter? I know he bases his forecasts a lot on sst and I'm sure all this hurricane activity is going to have an effect on sst up north. One thing though once he predicts a cold winter I for one will sit up and take notice!!
  10. As america is getting hit yet again by another hurricane I think we can safely say that this year is a good test to the theory big hurricane season in the US = cold europe winter. Before everyone says it's just another piece in the jigsaw, if we do get a cold winter then we can tick a box at least
  11. Ha ha ha !! this comment is hilarious, the crystal ball is out early this year I see. A bit of reverse psychology, I like it!!!
  12. Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    Just saying like!!