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  1. I have to commute from Northallerton to Malton so everyday I have the joy of crossing the moors which has been good over the past few years to give me my snow fix. A few times this winter Sutton bank has been awful but next week looks like it might be worth working from home. I'm usually quite on it thanks to silently following you guys in here and the madness of the model thread but I got caught out in the early December snow. Must have only been a couple of cms on the road but going down sutton bank that night was probably the most terrified I've been as a driver as I was pretty
  2. I'm pretty sure the sky turning yellow is the met office trying out a new warning system after some backlash.
  3. I visited Barcelona with my partner towards the end of last year for a nice romantic get away before our third child came along. Much to her dismay I seemed to keep finding pictures dotted about in various restaurants of the snow they had during the Christmas period in 62. I think I had only ever thought of the impact of that winter on the UK without looking at the rest of Europe. If anyone is interested there are some great videos on this link: http://www.homagetobcn.com/snow-in-barcelona-1962/
  4. I don't post so much on here and I'm certainly by no means a weather expert, but I do have a quick question that I hope isn't taken as me trying to be a wind up merchant. I seem to remember that the past few October's have had a fair amount of blocking in the Arctic only for November to come along and the PV to suddenly wake up angry and then proceed to frustrate many of us until about March. I'm sure we have had a PV that's been slow to develop with the models throwing up promising charts showing a continuation of early promising October weather patterns only to be let down.
  5. I'm surprised it's taken them so long to get onto this one. Isn't it due the day after boxing day though? http://www.express.co.uk/news/nature/548329/Boxing-Day-weather-Weather-bomb-threatens-blizzard-floods
  6. I've been following this thread for a number of years and at the moment I'm getting a sense of deja vu. To me everything has a feel of 2012/13, I'm not trying to pattern match or make predictions with this post (there are many more experienced and knoweledable people to do that), I'm just trying to highlight how the models seem to behave in my eyes when there is a sniff of cold spell. So using 2012/13 as an example we started getting charts like this in deep fi Indeed by the 20th Dec pressure looked like it would rise towards Greenland, even had a low pressure in that North Sea, going off t
  7. I don't usually post in here but the storm last year was quite extreme and caused a fair bit of trouble, also the wind speed was pretty high as well for some areas. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-25220224
  8. Express at it again http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-the-papers-30356337. Of course some snow in North West Scotland over the next few days definitely means a white christmas is on the way.
  9. I can't think of any other way of doing something very small that would go some way to help highlight what he does and create a bit of mischief at the same time. It's just got my back up a little the other day when once again my grandparents who are in the 80s take what is written as the absolute truth (again).
  10. The .org one seems to be available so I would probably use that. I think at worst he would just tell me to take it down and not really have to a leg to stand on. The only sticking point is I would have to put a moderate amount of work in when I am pushed for time at the moment. The end result would probably just be causing some annoyance to Madden, or at best I would sell him the domain and take the site down for the right amount.
  11. Hi, I am just wondering if anyone knows where I'd legally stand on this, but certain weather agencies annoy me. As a Job I do web development, as a hobby I like reading forums such as netweather. Now going to the point where I get annoyed by certain "agencies" I'm good at SEO (search engine optimisation) and I want to make a website where I review long range forecasts, look at what the papers are saying etc. With reasonable confidence I think I could get my site quite high up on google if you were to search winter forecast uk, winter 2014/15, uk ruined by snow etc. I guess the reason for t
  12. Thanks, I might have a look around the internet to see if I can find anything and suggest it the next time I see them but they very rarely listen to me. I'm just not cool enough in their eyes!
  13. I did Geography at Leeds which was really enjoyable and interesting. The first year split its focus pretty much 50/50 between the human and environmental sides but after that you could pretty much choose which way you wanted to go. There were some great modules to choose from as well, such as a natural disasters module which did cover hurricanes,volcanoes and tsunamis in quite a lot of detail. Here is their homepage if you want to have a look http://www.geog.leeds.ac.uk. I'm sure if you were to give them a call with any questions they would be more than happy to help. The staff were always r
  14. For some reason I'd expect better from the Independent. My main problem is how can it be the wettest winter since 1981 when earlier this year they were speaking about last winter as the wettest in 100 years (for example link below). Surely it would have to be the wettest since last year? That doesn't sound as catchy I suppose. http://www.independent.co.uk/environment/nature/uk-weather-counting-the-cost-of-the-destruction-from-the-wettest-winter-in-a-hundred-years-9122439.html At the bottom it does go on to say "The research states that this winter being the wettest in 33 years is 25 per ce
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