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  1. Yes, depressingly inevitable and the next few days look worse.
  2. Nice to wake up to a covering of snow in Aberdeen this morning.
  3. Sadly not. We missed most of the heavier stuff and what we did get just made the cold ground wet.
  4. The air is supposed to get a bit colder in coming hours so there may be a chance of something a bit more wintry later (providing you get any precipitation).
  5. It seems to be snowing (lightly) here in Aberdeen currently. It will be interesting to see if anything more significant materialises later.
  6. I’m not sure I have seen funnel clouds in a TAF before! TAF EGPD 291103Z 2912/3012 33009KT 9999 SCT015 TEMPO 2912/2920 34015G25KT 6000 SHRA RA PROB40 TEMPO 2912/2918 VRB15G28KT 2500 +TSRAGS FC BKN012CB BECMG 2920/2923 BKN012 TEMPO 2920/3012 6000 SHRA RA BKN008 PROB30 TEMPO 2920/3012 3000 RADZ BR BKN004 BECMG 3009/3012 SCT014
  7. He’d better not ? Just plain old foggy rain here now.
  8. Recent thunderfog here. TSFG? Is that a thing?
  9. Yes you are absolutely right, the storm that passed this way was quite intense but fairly rattled through.
  10. I was just about to post the same thing. Things are picking up quite rapidly with thunder and lightning now.
  11. No such problems with the rain showers here in Aberdeen.
  12. The balloon data appears to be at 77MB rather than the 18z norm of 99MB. I doubt those 20MB would make any significant impact on the 2TB set. I’m guessing the 91% is based on the deviation from the daily average not the 18z one https://www.metcheck.com/WEATHER/gfs_gdas_observation_amount_quality.asp
  13. There was a very intense downpour here about ten minutes ago. Since then it has become very dark with more steady rain and stronger winds.
  14. I think it may be passing mostly out to sea although there is almost a continuous low level rumble of thunder here now and the occasional bright flash.
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