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  1. “sorry for being fussy but I prefer my snowflakes unrolled” Brillant!
  2. The 11:50am update now has conditions as snow showers. I think marginal would describe current conditions! Very much intensity dependent I think.
  3. I think it would definitely fall in the snizzle/sleezzle category much of the time now. I suspect if it was heavier it would be wet snow.
  4. You can almost guarantee that unlike most of the other precipitation that this heavier stuff will make it to Aberdeen, as rain. (Note to self - watch out for lahars on snowcano)
  5. Some snow showers here this morning in the city but the gradual thaw is starting in areas that are cleared as the temperature is above freezing. Managed to build a snowcano with my daughter as the snowman seemed too much like hard work!
  6. We seem to have caught a few more of the moderate showers in the last hour or so here. A bit of luck involved in it but it’s enough to have completely covered any surfaces that had beeen cleared.
  7. We have caught a couple of showers here in this part of the city giving a fresh sprinkling. It looks as if the heaviest stuff has gone to our north (again). Ho hum.
  8. Just watching that band to the north and northeast and am not convinced it will make it here (although like Ravelin the Met Office autoforecast shows heavy snow here two in a couple of hours)
  9. Out of curiosity is there currently some kind of convection going on up here/off the coast associated with Emma moving north? https://de.sat24.com/de/gb/visual
  10. I feel your pain. The situation is similar here.
  11. That serves me right for being sarcastic! I’m rather liking the mention of lightning in these warnings. It’s hard to beat a bit of thundersnow.
  12. I’m sure that the amber warning for up here will be along any moment... Or will that wait until hell freezes over (even then it would probably only be a yellow warning!)
  13. It’s out there, just give it a couple of days. https://en.sat24.com/en/gb?type=visual5&type=visual5
  14. For some reason I had it in my head that that camera was on the south side but now when I think about it, it’s not!