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  1. Nice active cell over us in Macclesfield at the minute with some nice CG strikes,
  2. Pete1983

    Macclesfield Snowfall 28/01/2015

    10cms at 01:10
  3. Light Snow here for the last 20 mins, stopped now, *very* slight dusting, Looking at the radar it looks like the North sea is doing a decent job of feeding in some tasty looking showers, also looks like the wind is now from a NNWly direction rather than just westerly.
  4. Here's hoping that us in Macclesfield see some of these showers, we have missed much of what has come through this afternoon, looking good from the radar Temp here is currently 0c with a DP of -3 & everywhere iced up!
  5. I would be willing to pay a MAX of 7.5%, However the way this (and previous Governments) have thrown OUR hard earned money around like wedding confetti then I would be inclined to pay zilch!!
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