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  1. lovely steady rain for last 2 hours in Locksbottom.Maybe another 45mins and then the front will have passed through.After today we can expect a niceish 4 or 5 days with temps in low 20s.Surely that is good for most people?Amazing how my lawn has changed in last 7 days and without the intense heat it will continue to "green " up and the plants will start to rejuvenate as having natural rain is a better substitute than tap water.
  2. absolutley hammering down again here in Locksbottom!!Temp dropped down to just 15 degrees!!This makes up for all the times we missed the heavy showers in June and July.The garden is loving this rain as it is soaking in nicely
  3. The showers are really lining up in streams atm with some places getting minimal rain and others getting a hammering.Looks like Orpington/Locksbottom could be in for a bit more rain in next 10mins.Just had a crack of thunder so think its on its way!!
  4. Big wind gusts heavy rain lightning and thunder here in Locksbottom!!
  5. Well i for one have enjoyed the rain today even though i have lost a days work lol!!We and the gardens desperately needed the rain and hope it will revive some plants and shrubs that have really suffered in recent weeks.May even get a few more showers tomorrow but after that i think our region will slowly become more settled as we progress through the weekend and early next week with temps rising to a very pleasant 22-24 degrees
  6. If only we could have a day like today everyday of the summer it would be perfick.Lovely little storm here about 5.45am with about 30-40mins of good solid rain.Then a lovely day with a max temp of 24 degrees with lovely sunshine with a few fluffy clouds from time to time.If we had this every day from June to August everything would be nice and green,it would save everyone having to not have to water lawns/shrubs daily and it is weather that everyone can work in without too much trouble!!!Sadly the weather doesnt work like that and the heat builds again from Thursday and temps upto 33 on Friday somewhere in the SE and unlikely to see rain for next 5-7 days
  7. Day 48 of no rain here and unlikely to get any this week either.Truly exceptional and looks like temps will climb a little again from weds.Weekend just gone was max of 29.2 on saturday and 29.9 yesterday and today was 28.6 here.TBH i am fed up with this heat now as having to work in it isnt much fun-upto 25 degrees is ok but thereafter too much for me.I never thought i would hear myself say it as i like the warmth but i would love a cool unsettled spell and see rain falling for a few days lol!!What a strange year it has been in this neck of the woods-March and April very wet and cold but May June and all of July so far have been well above average temp wise and exceptionally dry.Wonder what the rest of the year will bring??
  8. 30th May was last measurable rain here in Locksbottom!!-44 days ago.
  9. a grey morning summed up my mood after Englands defeat last night( i really thought it was coming home this time and just 22mins away from the Final!!).That said working outside for a living it was lovely to work in as i have had enough of this hot weather as no fun to work in although good for the diet and have lost half a stone since late May lol!!Sun came out about 1pm in Chelsfield Kent and was a lovely afternoon &evening. Just saw BBC24 weather and they say changes are afoot next week with unsettled weather a strong possibility.Its Day 43 since we last had rain here and some rain would be welcome for plants and grass.Would tie in as schools break up next Friday and exactly same thing happened last year!!
  10. dropped to 16.8 last night here but already 26.9(shade).think London itself will hit 32 or 33 and i reckon i will get close to 30 here in Kent if not a tad more.Beers are ready cooling in the Fridge.Hope its going to be a great day today COME ON ENGLAND!!
  11. Hotspur61

    World Cup 2018

    Sorry should have made myself clear i was only referring to World Cup shoot outs lol!!The Euros was the only penalty shoot out we have ever won in my lifetime.That was a fantastic tournament and it was those blasted Germans that spoiled the party that year!!
  12. Hotspur61

    World Cup 2018

    Its coming home boys and girls lol!! After 28 years of losing penalty shoot outs we have finally won one.Well done to all the boys. I am just having a Nutty Numbers to celebrate that shoot out and calming down !!
  13. Just a horrid day here in Locksbottom.Max temp of 6.8 and hasnt stopped raining since about 1am.Looking forward to later part of week when it warms up and we can have some usable weather!!
  14. Lovely day today with some nice sunny periods and a pleasent breeze.Got to 15 degrees here which is nice weather to work in.Last Thurs/Friday reminded me of last June when it was just too hot working outside.I like warmth and anything upto about 23 is lovely but once it gets to 27 upwards you really feel it when you out in it all day.That said it was just nice to see the sun out over last week as March and first half of april have been totally miserable.
  15. 5.1 in Locksbottom and a little sleetiness.Probably a few snowflakes around biggin hill area.Another day of lost work for me.Getting really fed up with this weather now!!Just want spring to arrive.On the plus side we should have no water shortages this summer as since mid december we have had well above average rainfall but sadly this looks like continuing for a week or two yet