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  1. Agree-although unseasonably cold I don’t put heating on till 1st November!!if it’s cold before then we just put another layer on indoors.Helps keep the fuel costs down over the winter months
  2. Didn’t even reach 14 degrees here in Locksbottom today and been dull this afternoon with drizzle on and off.currently 11.2 and nearly dark already.Feels like mid October rather than late August !
  3. Started raining here in Locksbottom just before 9am when there were some fairly moderate bursts.Since lunchtime mainly heavy drizzly type rain and temperature been pretty static between 18-19 degrees.Looks like a couple hours moderate rain in the early hours and then a couple bright breezy days.Longer Range looks not too bad for SE with not too much rain in forecast and temps in late teens to early 20s so very pleasant in the sun
  4. Very dark in Locksbottom with rumbles of thunder one flash of lights and heavy rainFinally I won’t have to water all the shrubs and baskets this evening!!!
  5. Still 28 degrees In Locksbottom.Been horrible working in this heat today as just too hot but it is what it is.Drank 5 litres of water but just feel knackered.Only 2 more days to get through and then hopefully temps will moderateAlso be great to get some storms and rainfall.
  6. Thought last night was more comfortable than Friday night and slept reasonably well.Temp here already 24 and reckon we will hit 30 plus subject to cloud cover.Monday-Wednesday look very hot for SE and as some have alluded to on Mod thread temps aren’t going to drop significantly till Friday.Just hope we have some good storms and decent rainfall-fed up with watering all my plants and pots now!!
  7. Temperature here in my garden(north facing and in shade ) is 33.7 as at 12.54!!!.I think we will hit 35-36 here in Locksbottom similar to last week.Shortly be painting back of shed which is in shade thank goodness.Keep drinking the h2o everyone-very very important to keep hydrated
  8. In Orpington south and had 3 rumbles of thunder and one flash of lightning and some pretty heavy rain.just come out of nowhere!!very dark here as stuck in my van waiting to do some work!!Good for the gardens though ️
  9. Well the Spurs v Everton game was a truly awful game and both teams deserve to have points deducted for that??!!Highlight of the match was the altercation between Hugo and Sonny at HT but the cynic in me thinks that was probably staged for the amazon documentary!!.Shows how poor the rest of the PL if we are 8th after that dreadful performance .The days of flowing attacking football under Poch are a distant memory? COYS
  10. Currently 15.5 degrees with steady rain-looks set in here till mid afternoon but good for the gardens?️
  11. Lovely drop of rain again here in Locksbottom.Started about 2.10 and still going well so more good rain for plants and veg?
  12. Lovely to see some proper rain fall after such a dry 6/7 weeks here.The garden is loving it?Laid some new turf yesterday evening and this rain saves me having to water tonight??
  13. Currently only 10.2 here in Locksbottom and light rain and a fresh wind.This time last week was sitting in my garden with a nice cold beer.Today indoors having a nice hot cuppa!!The great British weather!!
  14. Good to see news 24 on bbc were on the ball.Just watched the forecast at 6.56pm and saw Louise present the weather and it showed Friday night and then gave forecast for Saturday and Sunday.Pretty poor from A National broadcaster showing a forecast from yesterday!!
  15. Low of 1.6 here in Locksbottom but at least the wind of yesterday has gone so will feel much more pleasant ??
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