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  1. Thanks TomSE12 for the history of Bromley,all good stuff.EWS Beat me to it re Westmorland Road bit and St marks church.I spent many a happy Sunday with my dear old Gran up in Durham avenue which is up Westmoreland Road and take a right just off Cumberland Road.A very nice distraction while we pray for another cold spell which seems rather elusive atm!!Mind you it is only mid February so I feel we have another month to go before the search finally moves to Winter 2019-20!!
  2. Got to 12.1 here in locksbottom(shade temp) but in the sun must have been 17-18 comfortably.I can count on one hand the amount of times I was just in short sleeves working in February in the last 16 years but today was one of them.It was lovely having the warm sun on your back and with the birds singing and the flowers starting to bloom even an ardent “coldie” like myself is looking forward to spring.that said I know that the weather will do what it wants to do and I wouldn’t be surprised if March had one or two cold snaps as we only have to go back to March 2013 to remember how Spring can suddenly revert back to winter!!
  3. Lovely day to work in today.hit 11 degrees and more of the same for rest of the week with some early spring sunshine and highs maybe of 12 or 13 by Friday.The daffs will all be out by the weekend so it will be nice to see a bit of colour adding to the crocuses that are currently blooming round here.As TOMSE12 said earlier I wonder about some on the MAD thread!!.I still think there is a chance of a cold spell in very late feb early March-if it happens great but if not roll on spring.the gods have not been with us this winter after such promising background signs but that’s the way it goes sometimes and maybe March will be the coldest month of the winter-you just never know with our weather lol!!
  4. Hotspur61

    Premier League Discussion

    City and Liverpool are miles ahead of the rest including us(spurs).Not much between Chelsea United and Spurs and if Arsenal tighten up defensively they will go close to top 4.You have to give OGS massive credit as 6 weeks ago they were miles behind.Now you wouldn’t bet against them coming 3rd!!
  5. Hotspur61

    Premier League Discussion

    Got back from soulless Wembley and have to say we were very very lucky to get the 3 points.Hugo saves a penalty at 1-0 from Vardy(he has only ever saved 1 other in his spurs career lol) and they miss 3 absolute sitters!!Poor Claude must be tearing his hair out!!they had 20 chances more than any other team has had this season against us and we still win 3-1-very flattering !!.The great thing is we have a 10 point cushion now but we have a very tough run of games and under no illusions that there is no way we are guaranteed a top 4 finish(we City Liverpool and Chelsea all away and have crap records at all 3).City and Liverpool are miles ahead of us and will fight it out for title but if we can finish 3rd or 4th I will be delighted as I don’t think we will be moving to the newWHL this season sadly(great video Pete btw 👍👍-seen quite a few from Chris cowlings who’s a real nice guy.Been a funny last 4 PL GAMES where we have won all 4 but if I am honest only deserved to win 1 of them but we keep churning out results and still haven’t drawn a game in 5he PL(W 20 L6). COYS👍
  6. Horrible day here in locksbottom.Light rain and drizzle this morning gave way to persistent rain from early afternoon and about 4ish very heavy rain.max temp was a mild 11.6 but didn’t feel that warm in the strong wind.looks a better day tomorrow but more rain Sunday.after a very dry January it has been an incredibly wet first 8 days of February!!
  7. Incredibly mild today-13.2 was the maximum and felt springlike in the sun mid morning before the clouds rolled in.bang on time rain arrived just gone 7(funny how forecast is always right when it comes to rain but always goes TU when snow is forecast😂) and a very unpleasant night out there now. just dipped into mod thread and things seem more positive re a possible cold spell developing from late next week.ECM is teasing us again with a scandi high developing and just watched big joe bastardi daily update and whilst concentrating on US showed an analogue for MJO phase 8 for what he thinks will pan out and that looks encouraging although it looks like a Greeny high as opposed to Scandinavia high.Dont mind either😂😉
  8. I think the problem is a few weeks ago the EC46 for last week and the next couple weeks were indicating higher than average heights to the north of us (more so nw of us) and with that people assume Greenland high and coldmagedden!!Sadly Northern arm of jet hasn’t allowed that with just a few wedges of heights developing but that has been enough for last week to have provided heavy snowfalls for some.In some ways it makes you think what could have it been like if heights had of gone up to Greenland-then a real cold spell could have really developed.I would have shown some EC46s from a few weeks ago to show this but alas technology is not my thing and don’t know how to do it lol!!
  9. Thanks for the update TomSE12 from Ian Currie-as you say not what we were hoping to here but tbh he is only human and with all due respect hope the High pressure that possibly moves in next weekend moves up to Scandinavia and then provides us with a desired Easterly or North easterly lol-We can live in hope.I think the SSW Late December/early jan has made it even harder to make forecasts as MJOs are in a favourable position yet as you say Northern arm of jet sadly not allowing pressure either to our nw or ne to rise.maybe that will change come mid month but who knows. if you haven’t done already nip into sw and central southern thread to look at some stunning pics.So pleased that they got one of their best snowfalls in recent years as they have probably been more snow starved than us in SE thread!,
  10. Really thought that it was going to be second night of disappointment here in locksbottom but since about 9.45 snow has started to settle and probably have 1.5cms now.Now I know that is a pretty feeble effort compared to some amazing totals on this thread today but on what has been a vile day wi5h rain/sleet on and off all day and with the ground soaking it disposes of the myth that snow can’t settle on wet ground. for those in EA DONT GIVE UP HOPE after the first shower was rain.I feel as the night goes on there is a fair chance that showers will turn to snow.Fingers crossed for you. snow seems to be winding down here now and on that note I bid you all a good night👍❄️
  11. Heaviest snow of night now here in locksbottom.probably about 1cm and intensity an 8/10 on murrscale.looking at radar reckon got ano5her 30 mins hopefully of this intensity maybe a little longer as radar does seem to be moving this system very slowly.
  12. Nice clump of showers just off north Norfolk coast so some should get hit in next 15mins.They look quite beefy so could give a nice covering to those underneath them🌨👍
  13. Heaviest snow of the night here now in locksbottom.roads and pavements all covered in last 15 mins.Would be great if this intensity could keep up for just 1 hour as that would give probably 1cm!,not sure how much longer it will last.anyone got any ideas?
  14. Band over se London moving southwards bu5 breaking up and weakening as i5 does so.think by midnight we will all be done although I 5hink snow showers will move into EA from midnight onwards.Certainly been an interesting day which some models have really struggled to get hold of what tbf was a developing situation.Great stuff!!
  15. Looks like parts of the North east have had some beefy snow showers this evening givin* them some good accumulations after dipping in their 5hread.Looking at radar I wouldn’t be surprised to see parts of EA Getting in the action either overnight with some accumulation possible.We need to enjoy the next couple days which should keep the cold weather.From Monday onwards it looks less cold for probably 5 days plus.After that who knows!!Its been a strange winter which has shown so much promise but up until this last week delivered so little.Would love another cold spell(5-7 days) befor3 February is out. enjoy the snow over the weekend those 5hat have it👍❄️☃️