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  1. Just a horrid day here in Locksbottom.Max temp of 6.8 and hasnt stopped raining since about 1am.Looking forward to later part of week when it warms up and we can have some usable weather!!
  2. Lovely day today with some nice sunny periods and a pleasent breeze.Got to 15 degrees here which is nice weather to work in.Last Thurs/Friday reminded me of last June when it was just too hot working outside.I like warmth and anything upto about 23 is lovely but once it gets to 27 upwards you really feel it when you out in it all day.That said it was just nice to see the sun out over last week as March and first half of april have been totally miserable.
  3. 5.1 in Locksbottom and a little sleetiness.Probably a few snowflakes around biggin hill area.Another day of lost work for me.Getting really fed up with this weather now!!Just want spring to arrive.On the plus side we should have no water shortages this summer as since mid december we have had well above average rainfall but sadly this looks like continuing for a week or two yet
  4. Maxed out at 2.3 this arvo in Locksbottom and is currently -0.4.Gradual thaw of snow, but this morning in particular was bitter and pavements were dangerously icy!!-Nearly stacked it in Sainsbury car park at Locksbottom which had not been gritted at all!!
  5. The temp has gradually risen here in Locksbottom since 8.30pm(-0.4) and now upto 0.4.The light flurries stopped about 9pm here and although there could be a few more during the night this is the beginning of the end of this cold snap.I know it was only 2 days(although tomorrow will be very cold) so call it 3 but i still can't believe it was nearly 14 on Friday and Springlike and yet about 15hrs later it was down to 1 degree and starting to snow!!-That is a very rare event having such a massive temperature differential in the UK like that and will stay in my memory for a long time. I would like to thank everyone on this forum for helping me learn,give me a few laughs ,show me the magical scenes snow makes in the form of all the pictures sent in and to also make me realise that although that we all love the snow and all that it brings,sometimes there are more important things in life if you know what i mean. Anyway,it is still possible we could all be here again in late March if GFS is to be believed and although a long shot for the South at least it is still possible to get snow lying for a day or two in late March/early April. Thanks again guys and girls and if we dont all meet again later this month here is hoping to an early start to winter 2018/19 say late November.I am hoping that this winter has bucked the trend of last 4 winters that have been mild and could be the start of a trend of colder than average winters(and snowier!!) Cheers and Bonsoir
  6. We maxed out at 1.3 this morning about 11am but since then the temp has gradually dropped falling below zero about 4 and is currently -0.5.Although not officially an Ice Day flipping cold for this time of year.Light snow started falling here about 3.45 with the odd moderate burst and is still light giving a light covering everywhere and everything looking picturesque(maybe 0.5cm at most).Much as i would love to see a Thames Streamer set up i think it is unlikely but still think this light snow will continue until the early hours(HIRLAM has it continuing till about 7-8am!!) This will be the last snow for us from this current cold snap although tomorrow will still be very cold with a max of only 2 or 3 for most.Thereafter a steady rise in temps during the week with temps 8-10 by Weds and pretty much that level for rest of week.
  7. Well it looks like for most of Kent and E Sussex it looks like we will miss out on the heaviest of the snow but thats the way it goes and good luck to those North of London and NW of London in Home counties tonight.Think you will end up with 5cms+.Also appears that parts or Suffolk,Essex and Herts will do ok.On looking at HIRLAM latest run i think it has been fairly accurate as it was showing the heaviest of the snow in N essex moving across the region over N London then Herts Berks etc.Interesting it shows mainly light snow on and off tomorrow for most of the SE thread and then this possible movement out of NE France/Belgium.One to watch for those in Kent and Sussex who have once again missed out on what looked to be a very promising position.
  8. Yep i am in Locksbottom and sadly i tend to agree with you.Unless there is a Southwards correction i think those NW of London and areas West of London will do best out of tonight.That said it is an evolving situation and expect the unexpected maybe?.We have had light/moderate snow falling for about 3/4 hours now but only a slight covering and nothing compared to this mornings snow that gave us a covering of 3cms this morning from 8-10.30 this morning.
  9. Just looked at latest HIRLAM run and if that is to be believed then it looks like NW London and Surrey/ Berks look like they will do better than previousily thought and Kent and Sussex not as well.However,tomorrow looks like an interesting development that may come across from France/Belgium that will move in from the East tomorrow which could give a nice covering to Kent,South London and Sussex and move across to Surrey/Hampshire during tomorrow evening.One to watch.Whatever,looks like it could be an Ice day for most of the SE thread,not bad for 18th March.Enjoy all!
  10. Well after volunteering at Orpington Park Run this morning i have just about thawed out.Worst conditions i have voluntered in 3 years and fair play to the 121 nutters who ran(my missus included lol).The snow was falling steadily and we had about 2-3cms before it stopped about 10.45.It only settled on rooftops,cars and grass but really stuck to the trees and looks amazing.Temp been dropping slowly since this morning and as at 1.55pm it is 0.5 in Locksbottom and would guess continue to fall now.As others have said everything has dried up so if the next batch of snow arrives it will settle fairly readily.Am just a little concerned that the snow snow may be a little further West and South of me if Thames Streamers don't occur and then Surrey and Hampshire could do really well overnight. Anyway the weather will do what it wants to do and Good Luck to all on SE thread if you want snow
  11. I was exactly the same here but my mate in West Kingsdown got 15cms and that is only 7 miles from me.The only significant snow(3cms) i got from Beast 1 was the snow that fell from 2pm-5pm on Friday 2nd March and that was all completely washed away by the end of Saturday night!!
  12. Temp down to 6.7 now as at 11pm so still got a way to go.If the latest HIRLAM nails this "snow event" like the last one then i think more of the SE thread will see more significant snow than Beast 1 which was more a hit and miss affair with the nature of the streamers that set up.Will be fascinating to see how the next 24-36 hrs develop.
  13. Well we maxed out at 13.9 today in Locksbottom.Working outdoors for a living i can honestly say it is the first time this calender year that i have felt some warm sunshine on my back.The birds were singing,the blossom is starting to come out,the daffs were resplendent and even saw a couple of bees buzzing around.I just cannot comprehend that in less than 12 hours it might be snowing!!Even as i type this it is 7.9 degrees and quite a nice evening.I love the snow but wish the calender was 16th Feb and not 16th March and if LRFs are to be believed Old Man Winter is not done with us yet even after this cold snap.Those that love the snow enjoy it and if it does fall, keep sending the pics through as they always show how wonderful the landscape looks when it turns white.
  14. Just had a browse through latest HIRLAM (which imho was best for showing snow depths a couple weeks ago and it looks like light snow will reach SELondon about 6am Saturday morning and spread Southwards and Westwards and looks on and off till end of that run which is 6pm Saturday.Then we may have further snow to think about Saturday evening and Sunday which looks more widespread.I have a feeling that although it may not hang around that long there could be some quite significant falls and i feel quite a few areas that didnt see that much in late feb/early march will be pleasently surprised(if snow is your thing)