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  1. Agree and nothing against Barkley and Mount who are both very good players but I think Maddison is mustard but someone who splits opinion.I would love him at Tottenham and would be an ideal replacement for Erickson if he goes.however he is probably a £50m+ player in today’s market.Yet my 2 mates I go to the lane with don’t really rate him that highly!!its all about opinion and it will be interesting to see how Southgate rates him going forward.
  2. Very risky game especially when you have someone as bad as Hugo on the ball lol!,can tell you now if we persist with it we will let a stupid goal in soon!!
  3. I was dreading yesterday as I really thought we would get beaten quite badly and although 2 up at one stage I am still happy with a draw.Good that Vertongen played and unless things happen in next hour or so Erickson will be staying as well so hopefully mentally we will be stronger and Poch will be happier!!i still have concerns Poch will not be our manager this time next year but let’s move on now.The top 2 are booked but 3rd and 4th will be a real bun fight this season and could involve Man U,Arsenal,Spurs,Chelsea,Leicester,Everton,wolves and possibly West Ham battling for those places.Will be an interesting season I think!!
  4. Still trying to get over how we managed a draw yesterday!tbh we were completely dominated by city(30 attempts to our 3) but I suppose you can say we were clinical.But that doesn’t disguise the fact that we haven’t played at all well in both PL GAMES so far and as Poch alluded to yesterday we are mentally not in a good state at present as we await to see if Toby;Erickson and Danny Rose are still Spurs players come end of European transfer window.I am not moaning about it as it is what it is but I have noticed there doesn’t seem to be the unity amongst the Spurs players that there has been in the last 3-4 years and that is a concern.What is more of a concern is the body language of Poch himself which has not been great over last 4 weeks or so and I honestly think this time next year he won’t be Spurs manager!! Crikey only 2 games in and I am worried,only another 9 months to go!! COYS!!
  5. Tomorrow looks a full days play,Friday starts off dry but rain coming in from west hitting Lords probably 2-3 pm and then persisting for rest of day.Uncertainty for Saturday but probably showery so take a brolly with you️.I have a friend who has gone today and not a ball bowled yet
  6. Pouring in locksbottom and currently 13.3 degrees.Mate went to Lords today and not looking too clever there today either.at least if it is a washout he will get most of his money back!!
  7. Chucking it down again in locksbottom and has been for about 30 mins.the really heavy stuff seems east of me and there looks quite a big band coming over from Belgium which I think will give eastern areas of this rhread(east Kent Essex Suffolk mainly) another good soaking.we had very heavy rain from about 6am-10am and would guess we had a good 15-20mm of rain in that spell.still pleasantly warm though
  8. Well tomorrow’s weather looks bleak for this part of NW Kent but even now there still seems doubt of where this front will end up less than 24hrs from happening(can you imagine if this was winter and we were talking about snow?).If current thought of thinking is right some parts of the region could end up getting 1-2 inches of rain with temps of about 18 degrees!!what a difference to 2 days ago!,Ah the great British weather
  9. Still 31 in locksbottom very breezy with rumbles of thunder but no rain.we look too Far west to get in on the action which mid Kent Essex and Suffolk will receive some nice rain and storms
  10. Like some others on here I am dreading next 3 days heat wise.working outside for a living last summer was just horrendous with 8 straight weeks in high 20s and low 30s with not a drop of measurable rain in this part of nw Kent for 54 days!!this year has been much more bearable till now with only the odd day that has felt really hot.i feel sorry for those who have to commute in London with the tubes becoming unbearable I would guess by Thursday (have done that in a previous life!!). all I can say is keep hydrated and if you have elderly neighbours keep a check on them for the rest of the week.i think that the uk all time record will go on Thursday and think we may have to start to get used to these temperatures in the future in these worrying times of climatic change
  11. These last 2 days have been lovely to work in after early cloud burning off here in NW Kent by about 9am.temps about 21 but a lovely refreshing breeze so never felt too hot.put the factor 50 on though which I stress everyone should do as sun at its strongest at this time of year.enjoy the heat tomorrow and then back to very pleasant temps from Sunday onwards
  12. Lovely day today with warm sunshine but a nice bit of cloud which when you are working outside is just rightNot looking forward to next weeks heat as it will be a reminder of what it was like last year with day after day of relentless heat and temps in high 20s/low 30s for week after week.I would be quite happy for low mid 20s which is fine to work in and ok for sitting in sun / playing sports.I feel for those commuting on trains/tubes if heat does come next week-I did that in a previous life and it isn’t much fun. Anyway this weekend looks great for our neck of the woods with nice warm sunshine so enjoy it
  13. Been heaviest rain of the day since about 5.15pm and still hammering down
  14. Been one of those strange days temperature wise whereby the temperature has dropped steadily here all day.It was 11.3 this morning at 8am and is now just 9.5!!Has been raining moderately since about 3 this morning when the wife went to work and there has been the odd heavier burst here in Locksbottom.Looks like we will get about another 5 hours of rain before it moves north and westwards across the region.What a difference to last year when a year ago today it was 25 degrees and sunny
  15. So proud of my boys tonight.couple of my mates went and said it was best away night of their lives!!Gotta go to the final as this is a once in a lifetime event for me.Not sure er indoors will be too happy but I will take my chances lol!! COYS!!
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