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  1. Got down to -2.1 here earlier this morning,3rd coldest of the winter.Still thick frost on cars and grass.That looks like it now from a frost pov as milder air topples in and we look mainly cloudy and frost free from tomorrow till end of the week.As Tom says unless there is a big u turn from the models fairly safe to say January will be another snow free month for this region as will first 3-5 days of February Enjoy the sunshine of today fellow SE Threaders
  2. Looks lovely over thereAfter all the snow in November and I think early December how did the snow cover fare as that is about 6 weeks without any fresh snow which is a hell of a long time!!I have people I know who have a place in Morzine,France which is only about 1000m asl and they are out there now and it doesn’t seem to have been too bad over there although not as good as Katschberg.Just curious to hear if all that snow very early in the season has lasted and helped the ski industry which has had a tough few years.
  3. Lovely day out there and we got down to -2.3 this morning with a heavy frost that didn’t melt until 11.30-11.45 in North facing areas.Currently 5.3 but feels warmer in the sun.It is a sad indictment that this morning was the third coldest of the winter so far and only second frost this month.I think the period mid feb-mid March will be the time winter will arrive for this part of the UK and if we had a 5-7 day cold spell with some snow I would bite your arm off lol!!I freely admit I had higher hopes for this winter and we were close in early December to getting a taste of winter but like the previous 5 years things didn’t go our way and since then it has been a fruitless winter in terms of snow.That said there are more important things in life and you win some you lose some. enjoy the glorious sunshine this Arvo and Jack Frost looks like making a 3rd consecutive appearance tonight so don’t forget to put the cover on your cars this evening
  4. Got down to exactly zero this morning and think this is the first frost of January here so shows how mild it has been sadly for a coldie like myself.At least it will be sunny today after a pretty week down here.Just taken the dog for a walk in our local woods and there are literally lakes of standing water that will take weeks to disappear. Its been a really disappointing winter so far in terms of no snow as both October and November being below average temperature wise and the first 10 days of December were still chilly but since then the above average temperatures have come back coinciding with a raging PV and the rest is history.Unless we get a SSW (unlikely) it is not looking good for the rest of winter sadly..That said we can live in hope that the patterns shift from mid February and we only have to go back to TBFTE IN 2018 Which occurred late feb/early March which proves anything is possible Enjoy the sunshine today and tomorrow
  5. Let’s hope they are as wrong as they were last year when they were promising northern blocking but that never materialised!!
  6. Lovely day in Locksbottom.A very chilly morning that got down to 1.1 degrees at about 6am was replaced by a clear blue sky day with max temp of 9.8 reached here.Was lovely walking the hound this Argo.Sadly next few days look like mist and fog could become prevalent and temps look like maxing at about 8 by day and 4 by night.As others have said quite a benign spell of weather which I am welcome of as this last 10-12 weeks have been truly awful here with well above rainfall in this period.
  7. Amazing the temperature in Scotland but is it me but last Wednesday the bbc were forecasting temperatures of 13 and 14 for this weekend yet yesterday we had a maximum of just 8.1 and currently today we are up to 7.1 so would estimate we are looking at about 8 again.I know it is not exactly cold but in this part of the world what was forecast and what has happened has been quite stark
  8. We were so poor today especially the first half and only Ericksen can hand on heart say he had a good game for us.The first goal was so sloppy and second goal was just unlucky but Pukki’s goal given offside is just a joke and that’s coming from a Spurs fan !!There have been 3 ridiculous decisions by VAR on goals that have been chalked off.As I said about 6 weeks ago it is killing football and the spontaneous celebration of scoring has gone from the grounds as in most cases you just think that VAR will find a way of disallowing goals.I just want my football back because at the moment I am witnessing the death of football in the PL Anyway well done Norwich they deserved the draw and wish them all the best in their fight for survival.It will be tough but they play the game the right way so good luck the canaries .For us we have to sort the defence out and until we do that I would be very surprised if we get 4th or even 5th spot tbh COYS
  9. Absolutely belting down again here-there will be some big puddles about come the morning and the stream local to me is at its highest level that I have seen in the 7 years I have lived in this area-it’s a raging river atm!!
  10. Been another dank day although there was a little brightness between 10.30-11.30 this morning we had a short spell of moderate rain between 12.45-3pm and light showers after that although it looks like it is going to be another wet night with heavy rain forecast between now and 8am tomorrow.mild though with temps of 11.3 today and first day heating hasn’t come on for a while so saved a few bob on that score today.every cloud ...!
  11. Another dank dull morning with light/moderate rain since about 9pm last night with a few heavier bursts.about 7 degrees but doesn’t feel cold as no wind-just a miserable day.Tomorrow looks sunny and dry but make most of it as from about 11pm it looks like rain comes back again and Thursday and Thursday night look none too clever with quite a bit of heavy rain aroundoh joy
  12. Well Bayern gave us a lesson tonight and second half it was men against boys tbh.That said they went strong with their starting 11 where we didn’t and it showed.Dier again was awful and just doesn’t look the same player as he was 18 months ago.Hope Jose sorts him out as he appears to with Dele!! COYS
  13. My in laws live on isle of sheppey and that place has its own micro climate as well.Only 40 miles from me but they have totally different weather to me!!
  14. That’s amazing you are still waiting for first air frost, we have had 5 already since 1st November!!(sea effect I suppose)
  15. Been a pretty nice day here in Locksbottom area.pretty breezy this morning but wind eased during afternoon and temp was about 8 degrees.gone chilly tonight and down to 0.8 here atm and tomorrow starts dry before rain and milder air move across the region in the afternoon and evening.Looks like next 7 days look changeable with some milder days and cooler days but no cold spell imminent.Mind you I never look past 7 days as things change so quickly.This time last week some models were suggesting we could be on the cusp of something wintry and we know that all went TU !Just be patient the snow will come
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