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  1. Great to see this thread buzzing.There will be so many variations atm the next 48hrs will i am sure show some more.Latest ECM doesn't give UK snomageddon in medium term but with retrogression extends cold spell and would very likely give more snow opportunities down the line.Being greedy i would like latest ECM being about 2-300 miles further north giving UK probable snow events.more so in Eastern and Central parts and then the High move West towards greenland hopefully giving us an Omega Block and then some Northerly/North Easterly winds which would give those that may miss out initially on snow time to join in the fun and games.This is a possible outcome as some evolutions show and would't it be great just for once if the UK could hit the Jackpot and have a double 6!! This thread aint going to be for the faint hearted this week lol!!
  2. EFL Cup And The Emirates FA Cup Discussion

    Yeah have to say fair play to Rochdale and they deserved draw but i will have a moan about why does Poch make 11 changes for this game from Tuesday night!!.Surely put a strong team out,win game in first 45mins and then you have demoralised the opposition and you are in control of the game.Now we have another bloody replay we could do without and a fixture pile up.Our 2nd 11 aint as strong as it thinks it is but when you have 11 players who haven't played with each other it doesn't help and Poch knows this yet still puts that team out-Just don't understand the thinking!!-And why for gods sake does he play Sissoko-I just don't see what he brings to the team and is the worst buy i think Spurs have ever made-He was £30M !!!!-Rant Over.COYS and well done ro Rochdale again and hope they stay up in League 1.
  3. Looks like a miserable wet 36hrs coming up with temps of 9/10 degrees so at least it wont be cold.Been a lovely weekend here and pleasently warm in the sun-Finally got my garden sorted as last 3 weekends have been grim.A gradual cool down in temps from Weds but mainly dry and then its all eyes looking East come next Weekend!!The MOD thread is already at Fever pitch and i think could turn into a Mad House during the week as every Model Run is analysed to see if we are going to get hit by a super cold spell or if it all goes Tits up and the cold avoids the UK!!
  4. That is the Single most best run i have seen from ECM this evening and the potential at Post 240 is for a prolonged cold spell to become deeply established.However,it is just one run and i just hope that over the weekend we get Full Model agreement on Cold spell starting from Next weds/Thurs.Exciting times and i just hope the 5 year wait for most of Southern England from a notable snowfall will be over and we can join in the fun that quite a bit Of Northern Britain has experienced this winter. Good Luck and keep those fingers crossed.
  5. UEFA Champions League

    Great performance by us and deserved 2-2 draw as we were the better team over 90mins.Good thing Aurier is suspended for 2nd leg as he is a mistake waiting to happen and thought Poch should have subbed him early in 2nd half after his booking.Great time for ERiksen to score his first direct free kick since 4th Oct 2015!!.And its his birthday today-Happy Birthday Christien and COYS
  6. UEFA Champions League

    After terrible start got back into game but big pen miss on stroke of HT.COYS and just keep in the tie.I would take 2-1 now!!
  7. Was up at Coolings Garden centre at Knockholt about 12ish and it was snowing there and Knockholt village but down at Pratts Bottom just rain/sleet.Amazing the difference about 60m elevation makes!!
  8. Love the passion of this thread in the search of snow and cold.GFS Friday night was the single most best winter run you could ever see but that seems an eternity away now.Models will only get to grips with SSW during the week and there will be back and forth swings from winter nirvana and pleasant spring warmth over next few days.I think this week will be a continuation of what this winter has been all about with some cold days with some snow about in NW britain and accumulating snow above 500ft asl and some wet days Midlands southwards.Temps 3-5 for Northern Britain and 5-9 for Midlands Southwards.After that from next weekends nobody can say with any great confidence but for cold and snow lovers(myself included) we still have a ticket for the raffle although i appreciate we are slowly running out of time.I will just sit back and enjoy this forum and what will be will be but Keep the faith snow lovers
  9. Premier League Discussion

    What a result for Huddersfield-Dont think anyone saw that one coming after Bournmouths recent good form. Another superb performance by Spurs yesterday.Apart from a nervy last 5mins we dominated the game espicially the second half and should have been out of sight before Gooners late flurry.In 30 years of watching Spurs this is the best team i have had the pleasure in watching.If we can keep Poch, then the shift in power will continue to move to Spurs in North London.Up the Spurs
  10. Met Office loses BBC contract

    Like anything it takes time getting used to but a question i have is the new bbc app now has a 14 day outlook but say after 5/6 days do they just put the average temp for time of year down as i am down for 8 or 9 degrees from 13th Feb which seems far too high compared to what the models are showing?
  11. Temp got to -1.9 25mins ago under clear skies but now warmed up to -1.3 as some cloud is coming in from NE.Still dry here though and expect it to remain so here sadly!!
  12. Temp maxed at 3.8 about 1.30 but dropped steadily this arvo and now down to 1.8 at 4.45.Got a feeling this part of NW Kent will miss out on tonights possible snow showers but i live in hope. Good Luck to everyone and hope more are luckier with snow than yesterday.
  13. Possibly to the East of Central London but don't bet your house on it lol!!
  14. Forecasts are chopping and changing as much as Chelsea leaking goals atm!!.As SM mentions it will be a nowcast situation if the band hasn't broken up by the time it reaches the SE.That said the beeb seem pretty sure the band will reinvigorate this evening and overnight hence the warnings(Of which i am just outside of lol).Tomorrow looks cold and sunny after any wintry showers have left but Thursday upto 7 degrees before dropping back to 5/6 degrees for Fri-Sun.I feel the wait will go on for me to see proper settling snow this winter but still have about 5 weeks more winter left in more book and although so many potentially snow charts for my area have failed to materialise this winter it has been so much more enjoyable compared to last 3 winters that down here in terms of cold and snow have been dire and that is being polite!!
  15. In situations with a decaying front i think that as it moves down from the North West and providing it hasn't already fragmented those to the North of the Thames may squeeze a covering out of it.Those to the South of it i think will be less fortunate.That is purely based on my knowledge of studying these situations and going on past experience when fronts move down from the NW.I think it has something to do withe Urban heat of Central London that sucks the life out of the moisture but that is just my opinion.Hope i am wrong though!!