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  1. I don't really see anything happening on the Eastern side. Happy to be proved wrong given i'm in that area but I just don't see it.
  2. Seems to me as if it's been fading over the last couple of hours every time it gets anywhere near.
  3. Yes, it's called sunset. Wishing you the best of luck though, hope you get something.
  4. I was watching it earlier on one of the Port Rotterdam cams, fairly intense!
  5. Just stick it in your profile so it appears on the left next to every post, helps everyone keep track.
  6. Anyone got any good links to cams in the action zone? Had a look back through the thread but was either blind or drew a blank.
  7. Hoping this one that has started over me produces for a while.
  8. You should get the lower part of what we have just had run through here, fairly intense and a crack of thunder to boot.
  9. I'm still holding out hope for this afternoon onwards, from what I can see (untrained eye but ever optimistic) on the satellite the showers push further south later.
  10. If they are anything like our lot then no chance. Having the bin an inch open seems to scramble their senses, god knows what a cover of snow will do to them.
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