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  1. Insane activity on the free Shrewsbury stream at RailcamUK. https://railcam.uk/ You probably would need to sign up.
  2. At the top click your name then profile, then near the top right it should say edit profile, location field is mid way down.
  3. That would be your wide margin of error! Unless they are seriously considering that the France stuff could make it over the channel, I doubt it.
  4. It seems to me like they have seen what developed over West London earlier, believe it's going to do what is in the image and hastily thrown out a general warning with a wide margin of error.
  5. Big Jet TV reporting from Heathrow and now occasionally concentrating on the London cell as well as planes. 😆
  6. Yup, it's removed us now as well although any chance was marginal. Weirdly i've got more confidence now we've been removed though, the met curse is lifted. 🤣
  7. I thought there was near enough just that last night out West?
  8. Anyone got any pics of that one around the Midlands? Sat view seems to be showing it growing exactly like yesterday.
  9. That formation South of Coventry has popped up in nearly the same place as yesterday and nearly at the same time.
  10. Indeed. The exact same was being said at this time yesterday. 60-90 minutes later things were popping up all over.
  11. How insensitive. Couldn't they have waited until Friday? 😁
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