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  1. river sow peaked at 2.52m just 2 cm under its nov 7 2000 record sandyford brook at sandon rd beat its previous record by a massive 32cm set jan 27 2013 peaking at 1.56m with the ground already saturated and a possibly wet winter to come further flooding could well be an issue
  2. Stafford 10 day forecast it would never come off like that. would be truly record-breaking if it did.
  3. could get serious next week if those rainfall figures are anywhere near the mark.
  4. heavy snow in Stafford earlier stopped now and melting fast. nice to see none the less
  5. I've just tried deleting all cookies and side data within google chrome and it seems to be remembering my choice now. weird how it was only netweather effected. thanks everyone for the help
  6. google chrome Version 69.0.3497.100 (Official Build) (64-bit)
  7. does anybody know how to disable the below popup from loading on every page on this website? I've clicked on I agree and privacy options but it still insists on asking me at every page load.
  8. but fans placed in an open window can help draw cooler in from outside. I find the best use of fans is to set them up by windows to blow air in on one side of the property and extract it on the other thereby encouraging a cool breeze through the property what a cracking summer so far though long may it continue
  9. I also prefer seasonal extremes hoping this coming hot spell will be memerable
  10. Stafford completely dry just south of Penkridge torrential flooding rains. Sky going dark in Stafford now though hopefully I won't need to water the garden tonight
  11. Looking at the radar don't think it's going to last much longer over Stafford. Still a nice covering on all roads and pavements
  12. Seem to be on the very edge of the streamer in Stafford as it fizzles out overhead. Still unexpected so a bonus! Is it likely to intensify any?
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