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  1. North And Northeast England Regional Discussion

    About 8-10cm in Durham. Stopped now though.
  2. Looking to be a repeat of two weeks ago then, with the main snow band crossing the south and little action for the north. Oh well .... 😳
  3. Christmas Eve Gale of 1997

    Remember it well. Lost a couple of slates which fell onto a neighbours car, which was parked in front of my house. Insurance company claimed it as an ‘Act of God’ and wouldn’t pay out. He didn’t park in front of my house any more after that.
  4. Nice little patch of pink there over Durham and North Yorkshire. In my experience we’d need an onshore N-Easterly for that to come about. Is that likely do you think?
  5. Name The Film From The Film Quote

    The Warriors
  6. Some vacuum cleaners to be banned

    Some of them are drug addicts, so quite right too.
  7. Is Everything Getting Smaller?

    Toffee Crisps! In fact, most chocolate bars. Wagon wheels were as big as Wagon Wheels when I was a kid.
  8. Sleeping is another world.

    Did you know that you can only go about 10-11 days without sleep, then you die? Sleep is vital for cleansing the brain of toxins. All the nasties are cleared out by cerebrospinal fluid.
  9. What ever happened to ?

    I know, you’re asking for a friend
  10. Things that tick you off?

    Never really did night clubs at all. Currently Durham has the 2nd worst nightclub in Europe (no it’s true). It’s called ‘Klute’
  11. Don’t remember being ENGULFED at all, do you? Sensationalist rubbish as usual.
  12. If you could travel back in time to relive a memorable weather event

    I think it was Valentines Day 1979. Walking over the Tyne Bridge was horrific. No buses on and couldn’t afford a taxi. I thought I had frostbite by the time I got back. A month later we got buried again by the March 1979 snowstorm. 10ft drifts and villages isolated. Those were the days.
  13. If you could travel back in time to relive a memorable weather event

    I was at uni in Newcastle. My digs were in Gateshead. It was a long walk at -5C with a 30mph easterly blowing!
  14. North And Northeast England Regional Discussion

    48.8 mm of rain recorded today here in Gilesgate (so far). Most of that total fell after 6pm.
  15. Netatmo opinions?

    Unfortunately, the outdoor sensor is eating batteries at an larming rate. I’m waiting for Netatmo to provide assistance on this ?