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  1. There are 100 $2 bills on the Moon.
  2. Nena was definitely hot! I had funny dreams about her!
  3. We had damage in 2013 from snow. It wasn’t quite 30cm, it was 25cm. The snow ripped off the guttering around the single storey kitchen extension. It wasn’t the 25cm of snowfall that did the damage, it was the 25cm that fell 6m off the roof en-masse onto the kitchen that did it a day later. insurance wouldn’t pay out.
  4. Some photos taken in late November 1965, from Ferryhill which is 6 miles south of Durham City
  5. End of November 1965. Snow a foot deep with 10ft drifts.
  6. Three times in three months I recorded more than 18” of snow. The end of December 1978 was brutal in County Durham, with howling NE winds and snow completely burying cars and buses. Then around Valentine’s Day, Feb 1979 with 50 mph Easterly winds and air temps way below zero. Then, best of the lot, March 16th-18th 1979 marooned many communities and paralysed transport. Once again, buried buses and JCBs digging us out. Awesome.
  7. I think that’s a bit unfair on Bill. I think you should call it the Maddens.
  8. The total rainfall from last nights storm in Gilesgate, Durham was 30.3mm. That broke a rainless period of 25 days since June 20th.
  9. Now got a direct hit. Middle of a thunderstorm in Durham with some lovely pink tinged lightning.
  10. Got deluged on the Western bypass around 1pm, but less than 2mm in Durham. Looks like it could rain again at the moment, but 2mm will make very little difference to deficits. The radar seems to route the rain to the West and East of Durham, but no direct hit.
  11. 19 days since we last saw rain in Durham (apart from this morning’s light drizzle, which wasn’t measurable).
  12. A little light drizzle this morning, but not quantifiable, meaning no measurable rain for 19 days now. Seems like this will extend considerably as high pressure re-asserts itself.
  13. Some big storms brewing on the Pennines at the moment, heading East towards Durham Regatta
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