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  1. Seriously, f**k the met office. Serious winds here and no warning by the metoffice. Just had a family member get hurt. Why is weather forecasting so poor? Over the last few weeks they have been very poor at predicting rain and wind. I would rather they exaggerate the chances of bad events so people can prepare.
  2. I'm in crawley. Do you think it will rain early morning like the metoffice are currently saying?
  3. What's going on? Has it turned away or something? I'm in crawley and it looked like we would do well out of it.
  4. Why is the polar vortex forming a food think? I read this https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/learning/atmosphere/polar-vortex And I'm just a little confused. Surely it is better for the polar vortex to not form so cold air can come down?
  5. The highest ever temperature recorded in the uk is 38.5 according to the met office. With the heat being this intense and for such a long time, I reckon this could be broken.
  6. There is a lovely bit of precipitation that was stretching from Lilles to Amiens. It seems to be making its way towards us very slowly. Hopefully it will pick up more moisture on the way
  7. Im already sending out a few texts to my colleagues that it looks like it will be difficult haha. Just to gauge the mood haha. To be fair it has settled on the roads etc...
  8. I commute to london for work, shall I not bother tomorrow and take a snow day?
  9. If only it moved west a little haha. Any chance of it hitting west sussex?
  10. That's interesting. It may be the topography. Because we did quiet well in 2008,2009,2010, 2013.
  11. Out of interest what is causing that snow shield around west Sussex? Just looking to learn more about the weather. It seems interesting how the precipitation is just moving around us lol.
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