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  1. woop first laying snow in 2 years

    1. D.V.R


      it's the reason why most of us in the uk act like kids when it does snow, it could be a long time until the next one..

    2. Mokidugway


      Make the most of it ,loll!!!.

  2. Too far east again, at least im having fun guessing what way im too far out for each snow event
  3. I know, this time next week if nothing I'll be going full on toddler mode kicking and screaming on the floor... I may even have to pop into the mod thread In all seriousness though I do think arround thursday is my chance
  4. Hey yeah they are all good thanks, I just put extra bedding in with them but it doesn't seem to bother them they just puff themselves up to keep warm so they are wandering arround looking 3 x bigger at the moment . So far touch wood foxes havent caused a problem but we do lock them away as soon as it gets dark and I think the dog puts off the foxes round here
  5. Grey damp nothingness again! Currently searching for toys to throw out my pram.... oh well plently more chances *she says again*
  6. Have to laugh im either to east, to south, to north still nice to see you all getting a pasting my time will come
  7. Been pleasant but chilly here today, according to meto im down for a little snowflake at 5am and 6am followed by a wintery mix at 7am not gonna lie it still excites me to see that little flake even when I know not much will come of it
  8. Actual snow now nice big flakes think the ground is to wet for anything to settle tho
  9. Drizzle here now. Cold dark and damp here ...and so is the weather
  10. Nice little flurry on the school run this morning my youngest daughter insisted it was because she was wearing her olaf (from frozen) hat the sky was confused and thought she needed her own personal flurry lol ... if thats the case think I'd better buy myself one!
  11. Completely agree I wasn't expecting anything today and have been surprised with two (all be it brief) snow showers
  12. Snowing again May possibly be rain/snow too cold for me to investigate closer I'm only paying attention to the big flakes
  13. I wouldn't worry its now all gone Yes the all get on we have 4 ducks and 6 chicken and a cockerel
  14. Its more whitstable than Herne bay and yes she will make it fine was only a brief shower and what had laid is now melting ( much to my ducks and chickens delight!)
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