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  1. I'm over in the east of Swindon, there seems to be 3 active cells passing. I got some great pics of the disturbed clouds under the storm. The cells are heading NE into the Cotswolds.
  2. Hi all, I'm in Swindon and the temps are climbing. A reasonable storm last night around 01.30 but not direct, I'm currently watching the corridor of cells that are teasing me over to my west currently affecting Westbury that seem to heading north and slightly east which is bringing it closer to here, I hope! Anyone under it?
  3. Just let the dog out, she's not liking this at all. Might try to get some sleep now, pressure is rising slightly now so hopefully conditions will improve.
  4. Same here now? I'm over in Liden / Dorcan area.As I type it's picking up again!
  5. Hi Sainsbo, what part of Swindon are you in?Lights flickering here in Swindon!!
  6. Horrendous weather conditions still here in Swindon, pressure 972.3 and still falling. Very heavy rain with strong gusts.
  7. Pressure has dropped to 989.8 and dropping almost minute by minute, heavy rain too but not very windy. Recent max gust of 3.1 mph with a temp of 11.4 C
  8. The pressure here in Swindon Wiltshire the pressure is dropping very quickly, now it is 992.6, as I typed it's now 992.4
  9. Good evening all, this weather event is certainly setting this board alight! I'm in Swindon so should be getting some of the strong winds. Unfortunately Monday morning I have to travel in to work at 05.15 am on my scooter (not my big bike in my avatar!), I hope I not going to get blown all over the place!! Stay safe everyone.
  10. Had a rumble of thunder here in Swindon about 30 mins ago, yesterday I was in Western Super Mare and had thunder there too. Two days in a row for me in October, I honestly can't remember the last time this happened. Down in the Channel is looking good for the SW, fingers crossed.
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