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  1. As I am rather dubious of some of the colder LRF's. I am also rather doubtful of this so called pattern change after Christmas. Based on my instincts I forsee a winter dominated by a largely positive NAO/AO.

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    2. Chris K

      Chris K

      Sometimes too much availability of information ruins it for us. As much as I respect the research and science of LRFs, I tend to focus up to 1 week ahead max. Yes I look further, but only as an interest and not seeking a forecast. Who remembers checking the BBC forecast everyday to see if there were signs of snow only 2-3 days ahead rather than weeks? Just me? :p

    3. Steve C

      Steve C

      Too right Chris. :)

    4. Team Jo

      Team Jo

      I think that after 2010 we've all perhaps got a slightly higher expectation of December delivering, when in reality it's often late/Jan Feb that comes up with the goods. My Christmas is most definitely not going to be ruined by the weather..!!

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