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  1. Oh goodness me! Winter discussion already... just strapping myself in for tantrums and hypers... teehee
  2. Hello ?

    1. Zak M

      Zak M

      Ello ello

  3. Excellent work Paul and team. Looks awesome!
  4. Excellent new design! Loving it ?
  5. Just in time for Winter. Excellent! Thank you
  6. 18°C in Brighton, muggy at 00:40. A few showers have passed over with nothing much falling. Was relatively clear with a decent view of the moon when I went out at 23:00 but I suspect that's changed with recent showers passing over.
  7. I've been away from NetWeather for a while but I got the max temp spot on --> https://twitter.com/UKWX_/status/1155878322167005190?s=20 Chuffed with that. Furthermore Summer is basically over now so it's in the bag. Ready for Autumn and Winter madness now!
  8. Painful but necessary ? Takes a lot of innovativeness to make them enjoyable but it's possible.
  9. That's pretty much what I suggested however instead of clicking a button to lock would it not be better to have a shortcut (like cmd + Z) to zoom and then when you're not using that command it locks? Easier for customers than pressing a button.
  10. Would it be possible to have a feature like this? It's a little annoying when you're trying to scroll down the page and then the radar position moves. EDIT: Also when using the gusts overlay for current weather and using the dark theme the icons don't show up well. Otherwise it's looking good lads! ??
  11. @Paul I've had this notification multiple times and I cleared my cache. Still seeing it intermittently.
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