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  1. So muggy and humid here. Much looking forward to another spectacle. Last weeks storm was simply wonderful. Fairlight Country Park seemed the place to go, but to be fair the view from my front room across the Old Town and towards the sea was the perfect place to watch. Lucky me I know. I am not looking forward to the 6:00am start for work though if the storm does come through. Good luck all, I hope you have some great viewing.
  2. Wrap up warmy for Jack in the Green folks! Keep your coat handy for the evening festivities and cider on the hill. ????

  3. A very chilly day here on the SE Coast yesterday. I see it is rather the same for today. The Spring blossom feels the frost yet is hardy and awakens. Warmth cometh forward thankfully by the look. Hearts and souls will joyfully embrace...x
  4. An absolutely stunning day here by the coast. Not a cloud to be seen, but bitterly cold in the shadows with that chill from the wind penetrating the layers and wrapping itself around you. Sunnies on with the hat and scarf to hand. Blossom brightening my day as I walk, but glad to be home now with a hot tea and the heating on. Bbbrrrrrr.
  5. Looking forward to a glass of cider this weekend down the Old Town and hopefully sitting outside! ??

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      don't drink and walk lol

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