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  1. Was woken up told it's snowing, I expected a dusting, there's loads !
  2. heavy snow here, been snowing for a good couple of hours now.
  3. Agree, when the GFS isn't showing what people want it's suddenly 'useless' and 'over progressive.' I can remember countless times the GFS has called it correctly, and the ECM has followed later, or at least trended towards the GFS solution. I don't think we should discount any model at this stage. In the UK, the Atlantic will always have a higher chance of winning the battle, not saying it will however.
  4. Moderate snow shower here. I've got a feeling we're gonna get a decent amount of snow on Sunday.
  5. In my opinion, people should stop giving time periods for pattern changes, because it usually leads to disappointment. Due to the background signals being much better than last year, I believe that at some point during the next 3 months we will get a pattern change to a cold blocked pattern, but to give a specific time on when that will happen is impossible. It's not a dig at anyone, but simply a fact that no one, no matter how knowledgeable, can forecast more than 10 days out with any accuracy. Including the Met Office. If people start mentioning the end of December now for a pattern change I think I might scream. This winter WILL most likely be better than last winter but nothing is certain past day 10.
  6. Despite all the background signals and forecasts from the 'experts', to a cold blocked pattern change, it actually looks more likely it will be mild based on current model output.
  7. Starting to look like the wheels are now coming of the Northern blocking wagon, the point of interest is being pushed back yet again which is unfortunate. I'm starting to think we will have a typical December fare.
  8. Great informative post by Tamara, I really hope we do see a change by mid month. As a pessimist though, I can't help but notice the potential pattern change seems to remain in weeks 2 and 3 on the models. Hopefully the blocked pattern can change into a cold and snowy pattern by mid month.
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