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  1. Well, just seen this pop up in my Youtube Subscriptions, great video from probably the best storm-chasing video maker on YT, even though i've not seen a thunderstorm since 2016, i am now officially hyped for summer 2019!
  2. Looks like it's building up behind the main band, all moving North
  3. Meto precip charts showing Kent as the favoured location later Is this whole mass of precip going to pivot and start moving N/NW?
  4. I'm migrating to this thread as I'm in Woking for the night, Euro 4 looking good!
  5. ChezWeather

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Recorded a minimum of -7.0 at 5am Colder than the minimum of -6.7 from last year's Beast from the East
  6. Recorded a minimum of -7.0 at 5am Colder than the minimum of -6.7 from last year's Beast from the East
  7. ChezWeather

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    I think December 2010 will be the closest we get to experiencing a true great winter like 47/63, prolonged cold, extreme temperatures and incredible snowfall like that was just amazing, nothing has really come close since then despite a couple of valiant efforts from March 2013 and Feb 2018
  8. Euro4 showing some accumulations for Thursday into Friday
  9. Next potential low now being picked up on GFS for Monday 4th Feb, one to keep an eye on Temp showing -5.3 here which isnt bad!
  10. ChezWeather

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Some lovely views on the tops this morning, light snow in Matlock with abit of a dusting down low
  11. I love how even after the main front has passed, Buxton still manages to get a heavy snow shower
  12. ChezWeather

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Rained all day in Matlock, seen abit of a dusting on my way home but nothing below 200m All eyes on Thursday
  13. Well what an absolutely abismal day today has been
  14. ChezWeather

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Rain rain and more rain, I think I've seen about 5 snowflakes since this morning What a grim day
  15. ChezWeather

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Still moderate rainfall in Matlock, lots on the radar heading this way, seen plenty of reports of snow on the higher ground toward Buxton