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  1. 30.5 here and climbing, as this is clearly a rather special week in weather terms, I'm gonna bite the bullet and chase this evening
  2. Another little clip from last night when the storm was overhead In two minds if I should chase today, target area is at least 80 miles away and I can't escape work untill 4pm, also my wallet is taking a hammering on fuel being as I only get 25mpg on a good day, but it's all worth it!!
  3. 2018 was a poor year for storms in general if I remember rightly
  4. This is just incredible, stood out front watching another amazing lightning show over Sheffield, what a night!
  5. Stood at the front door watching flashes to the West, probably should go to bed but this isn't a regular occurrence!
  6. Well, what an amazing night that was. Started off on the hills between Chesterfield & Matlock watching distant flashes and anvil crawlers over the Stoke area. After some debate I decided to head further West and bloody hell am I glad I did. Drove up through the Peaks to my apparent new second home, the Cat & Fiddle pub, basically on top of a mountain at over 500m above sea level. Could still see constant flashes on route, and when I arrived a band of hardy storm chasers were already there, including a fellow Netweather user, a radar extra sub at least, not sure if he's in the forum's or not! Sat there for a good half hour with the strobe effect lightning and constant droning thunder edging closer, no wind at all and occasionally a closer flash would eminate a deep booming rumble, behind us was the most crazy blood red half moon, it was almost other-worldly. Then the fog and eventually rain rolled in, the lightning was constant and I mean constant, as in a flash every second at this point, and I decided to bail east towards Buxton as a large storm was now moving NE access the Peak Distict. I managed to stay ahead of the intense precip all the way along the A6 from Buxton to Chatsworth before it finally overtook me with biblical strength, visibility down to zero and leaves and debris all over the road. All the time I was driving there was a constant light show to the South with massive flashes and anvil crawlers, at some points the flashes were so bright I was actually blinded for a second or two. Eventually pulled over again just on the edge of Chesterfield and watched the storm roll North and die off, but not before it dropped several CGs and some stunning IC bolts as a parting gift. An absolutely incredible night and the only thing I can compare it to that I've personally witnessed is way back in June 2005. I never thought I would see night time lightning of that frequency up here, honestly thought that it was resigned to what you guys on the South coast normally see, but that was truly epic. Small clip below as the storm was basically overhead near Chesterfield, lightning not the most frequent at this point but I was so caught up in the moment I decided to jump out into the wind and rain and film Reed Timmer style (minus the yelling). Apologies if it's rotated the wrong way! VID_20200812_013706.mp4
  7. This has been one of the scariest, craziest nights of my entire life, I cant even begin to describe what I've seen and driven through, and it's still going! I am actually humbled
  8. Okay I am genuinely scared right now, I'm sandwiched in between a storm to the West and the South, never seen lightning this frequent before
  9. This is actually scary now, I've never seen such constant lightning
  10. This is one of the most incredible things I've ever seen, got a constant strobe of lightning to the West with the occasional massive flash and deep boom of thunder. Then behind me is an insane looking orange tinted moon.
  11. I'm back at the Cat & Fiddle Pub, amazing lightshow and constant rumbles!!
  12. Sod it, I'm heading West! Work tomorrow but this could be a long night!
  13. Sat on the hills not far from home watching a brilliant strobe show to my SW, seen a few anvil crawlers and very bright flashes even from this distance
  14. Wales getting all the action again! I'm sure there's plenty of delighted sheep in those hills right now!
  15. Lift off near Nottingham, can see the large towers to my South
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