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  1. Witnessed the Derwent first hand in Matlock yesterday at its peak level, it was a truly incredible and also harrowing sight, but couldn't help wonder why so much water was released from Ladybower and what the level would have been like otherwise. Questions need to be answered by Severn Trent, im sure they won't however as people will just put this down to climate change, not that i am denier of such, but its pretty clear that Ladybower had an effect on the flooding in the Derwent Valley. Few of my pics from Matlock below. Final one a few hours after peak level.
  2. Crazy scenes here in Matlock and the Derwent valley today, as others have alluded to, the extreme high levels seem to be due to the release of water from an already full Ladybower. No records broken in Chesterfield, certainly high levels but mainly just flooding in the usual spots that always cause issues.
  3. I assume that explains the big drop on the Ladybower gauge?
  4. Still persistent heavy rain here, looks like it will continue for a good few hours yet, might be an interesting commute in the morning
  5. There isn't unfortunately, and i've since edited that post as it was totally wrong! some other gauges in Sheffield have already broken records! Flooding nowhere near as extensive here in Chesterfield as it was in 2007, but Sheffield taking a real battering!
  6. Shoothill GaugeMap WWW.GAUGEMAP.CO.UK GaugeMap is an award winning interactive map with the latest river level, flow and groundwater data from Environment Agency stations in Britain & Ireland. The Don at Meadowhall is now extremely close to topping the 2007 record
  7. I was thinking that earlier whilst sat in the gridlock! Was Dec 2010 a similar setup to this then? I didn't have any radar or anything back then as I was too busy enjoying the week off school!
  8. Still a large mass of heavy rain over the region, rivers in Chesterfield still some way off the 07 record but Sheffield getting close!
  9. Way to far West for anything here, looks like some tasty stuff for you folk East and North East! Get the pics coming in
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