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  1. This weather is about to get tedious, in fact, it already is. The snow all melted by midday - so I would hardly call this a 'cold spell' as the daytime temperatures rise to 6C! The dusting was a nice surprise, but by no means good enough. To make things even more tedious, a very high pressure system is going to sit on us for maybe the whole month!! That means it will be mild and dry :( no storms, snow, thunderstorms, ONLY DRY AND MILD! yuck

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    2. John Badrick

      John Badrick

      Speak for yourself, it's been blooming freezing here, ice days, heavy snow, snow showers etc..welcome to Cornwall, one of the mildest places in the UK

    3. JOPRO


      Here here had 5 days of lying snow this winter that makes is 5 times better than last year. Temps only maxed out at 3 today in my neck of the woods, back down to 0 now

    4. Richard2901


      The weather is tedious at the moment and has been for so long I can't remember when there was last anything interesting. Snow on the ground and clear skies yet the temperature is stuck on 1C all evening. It's beyond a joke how mind-numbingly boring our weather has become

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