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  1. Very little thundery activity in the Midlands, perhaps a few areas which got lucky, but overall most of the activity was to the North, East, and South of us, no surprise there then.
  2. This month has been full of cloud but tomorrow is looking alright with plenty of sunshine. It's not been a terrible month otherwise just boring in all honesty nothing to speak of and very few thunderstorms. Next week looks mildly warm with sunshine.
  3. Not much interest in the forecast to be honest, even in the long-term it's not looking great. I'm not surprised this forum has been so quiet. On a positive note the weekend looks okay, but only to be followed by another week of summer misery. I think autumn probably has more of a chance at delivering summer weather than this summer does at the moment.
  4. Heavy rain shower, distant thunder, my location on the radar is literally on the edge of the thundershower. A bit underwhelming could have been better, not seeming many showers in the waiting after this one passes.
  5. Saw this scary satellite map on Midlands Storms Chasers Facebook page, If you look closely, you see a skull which looks like it's blowing wind, and it's nose is placed directly on top of the Midlands. Sorry it's a bit off topic.
  6. So today there's been thundery activity in the west, east, south and north, and yet again the Midlands produces nothing other than heavy rain at best. I'm wondering if there is actually a scientific explanation for this because if you look at the map bellow of the four stormiest days combined, there is a big gap of virtually no activity surrounded by over 300,000 strikes in total. It's insane, and the outlook isn't even good for the next few weeks, just a bit of sun but nothing eventful for sure.
  7. Very wet day, rain nearly all afternoon and radar shows no end soon. No thunder as usual, even with an unstable atmosphere but still possible.
  8. Not a gardening fan but we are due significant rain tomorrow. I personally dislike rain, but I understand how dry it has been in the region which is why the thunderstorms would have actually been beneficial. Hope you get the rain you need tomorrow (over 20mm currently forecast).
  9. At least you didn't just miss them, but I agree the forecasting yesterday was bad, woke up to 20mm of rain when only patchy showers were forecast! In my case however, not a rumble heard despite an MCS being literally 10 miles from my location, not to mention all the other storms we missed in the past. I would personally rather live in Scotland and have less storms and more snow than here which has no storms and no snow.
  10. Abysmal morning woke up to rain all over my carpet even though it wasn't even forecast to be moderately heavy - but not thundery rain for sure.
  11. All these maps are depressing, combine them together and our region is mostly clear. Shocking.
  12. Agreed, it's been a pretty lame year so far with no snow and no storms. I think August might deliver but I'm not confident this month for some reason, the storm shield is stronger than ever before! Hopefully it will eventually move West or East as they have had far more storms this year.
  13. The latest forecast on the BBC Midlands Facebook page has admitted that they overestimated the likelihood of thunderstorms and it just looks like patchy rain tonight - nothing exciting whatsoever about that. I didn't really see any thunderstorms on the radar, maybe only in the far North. It's just a huge let-down that our area sucks so far this year for thunderstorms.
  14. It's funny how the cloud cover over the Midlands is ruining the storm action for the North, and time is running out.
  15. Around 100,000 strikes in the UK in the last 24 hours, maybe 70,000 in the South and East, 20,000 in the South West, 4,000 in Wales, 40 in the East Midlands, and 1 in the West Midlands, and many more strikes likely to come for the North of England!
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