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  1. Honestly these cold-ish overcast and showery conditions can only be described as dire. It's not cold enough for snow in most areas, and I'd much rather see a return to at least semi-decent temperatures and sunshine anyway. Some people in the model thread (a very small minority) seem to be obsessed with the idea of having a few snow showers in mid-April, but personally I don't see the appeal especially with the easing of lockdown upcoming.
  2. The forecast for the next week or so really is disappointing. Just looks to be cold, cloudy, and breezy with a couple of rain showers. I guess the only good thing is that it is relitavely dry. 😕
  3. Impressive wind gusts forecasted across southern areas tonight - widely 60mph, approaching 80mph in localized spots. Definitely seems to be underestimated by the MO with only yellow warnings.
  4. I'd like to agree, but the easterly in February failed to deliver (in my area), and was especially cloudy. The snowfall in January was the best of the winter here. 🕸️
  5. Nice day today, prefer this to anything we've had so far this month.
  6. Could be looking at some very mild possibly even warm temperatures with decent sunshine next week. ☀️
  7. Very nippy and dull again today, don't see that front making it's way into most areas, except the usual spots in the far north which always get the most snow.
  8. People have their own personal preferences, not everybody likes cold and dry conditions. Similarly, not everybody is a fan of hot and dry conditions in the summer. I prefer colder weather when it bring an increased snow risk, but also much prefer sunnier ☀️ weather to overcast ☁️ weather (like most people), no matter the time of the year. You're quite right in that cold weather often comes with way more sunshine than milder weather, which is why I usually prefer it. However, I don't particuarly like cold days which come alongside cloudy conditions unless it is keeping snow on the ground.
  9. Started to turn cloudy and feels bitterly cold. I don't mind this cold with the sun out, but when it's overcast it might as well be mild (personal preference).
  10. Had 3 days of lying snow this year, which is pretty dire compared to other areas. Then again, what can you expect from Stratford? Found these map which places it among the least snowiest areas of the whole region (unsurprisingly).
  11. Streamer back over South Warwickshire - only it's running at minimum capacity now - and the sun is literally melting the dusting by the minute.
  12. A shift in wind direction to NE might actually give southern areas a chance seeing as everything coming from the East fizzles out over Northampton.
  13. Cold and dry on Saturday, milder and wetter by Monday. It doesn't look exciting by any means.
  14. It's not living in low ground that's the problem in this scenario, it's the positioning of the streamer. We were perfectly aligned at first, but it wasn't delivering much and the sun was too strong. When the right time came, it moved further north over Coventry , hence why they got proper coverings and we got dustings at best.
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