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  1. Life does take on a bizarre slant these days ... I had a phone-call yesterday morning from a neighbour who lives 2-300yds away. He observed, 'BT Openreach are in my yard when they should have been in his' He went on to say, 'thank goodness you picked up the phone...I was thinking you'd been murdered'.

    Mind, BT still can't explain why the neighbour will receive fibre broadband, and me not.

  2. A wee bit off topic again, but, of Scottish interest, I would really like to know, not the date, but whether or not there is any actual strategy or planning for our future management of this virus. I think Norway and Finland among others have committees looking at such issues.

    And who are the advisory SAGE members? The lack of transparency, the afternoon grand-standing, I find concerning.

  3. Warmed up nicely as the day progressed, although the wind did turn to a northerly direction.

    Spent a fair bit of time cloud watching unusual skyscapes. As with many things meteorological, the deeper one delves, the more complicated things become. 

    Think these are mainly altocumulus and altostratus, but could be quite wrong – if anyone can be more specific?

    random07.thumb.jpg.bd7786c478633c38b5a577d335c5d5ec.jpg random08.thumb.jpg.31c6d4d5c2a8fc1f39be7566cff2e5e0.jpg 09.thumb.jpg.6e0fe1ebc7ff0251e9552460bb9f30a3.jpg

    A wee Yellowhammer kept a close eye on the observations.


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  4. I had a tele conversation with a couple of Aberdeen friends today. One has diabetes and the other post polio syndrome. Both are in the elderly shield thing.

    They discussed the pros and cons of shopping in Aldi or Sainsbury and went on to say they went for a walk at the Aberdeen Beach, although they admitted that wasn't quite right.

    Most people do not seem to understand the science behind the importance of the breaking the transmission .

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  5. There is a thread open about Covid-19 and the effects it has  on working lives. The work circumstances have had a minor effect on me because, per chance, being of an older demographic and self-employed, I work very part-time anyway. But I have had official advice about only having telephone, text or email contact with members of the public and the technology for video conferencing will be supplied in due course?:nea: I am extremely aware that the impact is much greater and worrying for many others.

    Another side-consequence is that my daughter in the Borders, who does work from home and is encouraged to do so, was about to be assessed as a suitable adopter for a border collie pup from a charity. The day that she was supposed to have a home visit, she was contacted by the charity to say it had closed for the time being. Don't know what has happened to the pup, or its siblings.

    I know this is quite inconsequential in the greater scheme of things, but the effects of this illness do impact everywhere.

    Hope Mrs CMD is much better now.

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  6. 26 minutes ago, Ravelin said:

    Seems like you hit the jackpot then. A cloud covering kept yhe temp down here, as did the strong SE wind, never a good direction for NE Scotland. Went for a walk in the afternoon and although it didn't feel warm if didn't feel cold either. Countryside and fields around here still looking bone dry. 

    Much the same here - max temp around10C, chilly E breeze, and while it has been mainly sunny, the mist is now creeping in.

    Off now to have some fine scottish fare - a plate of stovies.:unsure2:


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  7. Bright ,sunny and cold today, wind definitely sourced from the north.

    Trouble always seems to occur in clusters.  This afternoon, I took from the freezer a part-opened bag of  peas to add to a stew, spilled half on  the hall floor, and slipped on the slippery rolly contents thereafter. No major damage done, thankfully, just  a silly reminder of these  strange times.




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  8. 1 hour ago, Hairy Celt said:

    Crikey what a dull day.  Two photos of fairly specialist interest...  The small round lightly pink leaves here are the beginnings of this year's meadow saxifrages near us down towards the lighthouse 916508459_smallmeadowsaxifrages.thumb.jpg.38320a545fab0208197b0e15f712a6e6.jpg     


    and this rather elegant youth is a challenge to any gardeners - name this plant!  774958382_plantA.thumb.jpg.5849590411742e3acceefb7fb97f7fa9.jpg 

    Nae idea HC, re the plant a,lilly or a vegetable?

    This one might be easier. Apologies for the poor pic. It pops up every spring with small but pretty yellow, bell-shaped flowers and fades away quite quickly..


     bells 2.jpg

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  9. For once in my life, I have been guided by memes/ knowledge. I have not ventured out of my bubble for a week or so, even avoiding my nice part time  Edinburgh neighbours.

    However, I am lucky that I'm able to do so. And it is just circumstance, but to read that someone in an area of infection couldn't be bothered to test, beggars belief.

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