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  1. A lack of regard to current issues? https://news.sky.com/story/conservationists-warn-uk-faces-ecological-apocalypse-as-native-species-go-extinct-11504731
  2. The windfall apples are out-of-shot, but worryingly some have been gnawed as opposed to pecked - rats? Noticed doggie was extremely interested yesterday in that area and the barn. The Roe Deer like apples too and have ventured in to sample a few in the past. Apple/onion/cheese tart tonight.
  3. A clear sky this morning but chilly with temp around 9C and a breeze from the N. Garnered a few of these windfalls yesterday until I slipped on one lurking in the grass. I hate waste but these are destined for the compost heap and the stones will be dealt with later.
  4. Sunny, blustery and cool this morning. Had a quick reccy round the house this morning and fortunately no serious damage detected from yesterday's storm - just a panel on the cold frame off its hinge. The plum and apple trees have been shredded.
  5. A fine sunrise this morning but hazing over now, breezy, temp 12C. I’m more concerned about the Sat/Sun storm as I am booked on a ferry from Oban on Sunday afternoon. Will that depression be as intense as originally projected? I knew adding “pack swimsuit” to the list was liable to tempt fate Anyway I’m resigned to the likelihood of disruption to plans.
  6. I usually get a present of sloe gin from my son (Dunbar) at Xmas. He just won't disclose where he harvests the berries.
  7. Can't be sure of precise dates, but I do remember looking at the hills and remarking that the heather appeared to be in flower, around here anyway, maybe early to mid August? The garden heather is in full bloom just now - ie what survived the garden fire. I gave the Nepeta and Buddleia a partial haircut a few weeks ago and the renewed, but subdued flowering, has attracted many honey bees and bumblers - even a few butterflies in the cooler breezier weather over the past few days.
  8. ciel

    Hurricane Florence

    Media has a role in bringing general attention to the impact of severe climatic events on human beings and highlighting the need for adaptation to/modification of these situations. What is sad, though, is how quickly the media forgets the trauma and turns its attention to the next impending disaster.
  9. Autumn migration is well underway. Not sure what these are, Dunlin or Knot? – note to self to swot up on wader identification. Two small skeins of Pink-foot geese overhead at Montrose this evening.
  10. Full-on sunshine today. Warm, maxing at 21C and no wind. Collected oldest grandson at Montrose today. View from the station platform.
  11. ciel

    Make us laugh

    Police Officer hands a speeding ticket to a driver. Driver: “ What am I meant to do with that?” Police Officer: “Save four and then you can buy a cycle”
  12. Yes, over here this morning there were a number of hefty convectional showers, but no T or L. Currently, - a meandering breeze from the W - bright with partial cloud cover. Temp 11C Pics from earlier today.
  13. ciel

    ciel's pics

    Early Morning, North Uist. Loch Portain
  14. It's been a very changeable day here, starting with a clear morning, then cloud, an increasing wind, and variable temperatures - 16 - 22C. This evening, the wind has dropped and it feels pleasant. An "impressionist" pic of Fettercairn in the warm sunshine earlier tonight.