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  1. ciel's pics

    Early Morning, North Uist. Loch Portain
  2. Actually, there have been long sunny intervals this afternoon - they didn't mitigate the wind-chill though - with bonny clouds and the sprinkle of snow has melted. Looking east, a snow shower is looming. Looking and listening to the telly, that "Sweet Chariot" thing is really grating.
  3. A grey morning again - there hasn't been a decent sunrise visible for what seems like yonks. Even doggie was unenthusiastic about her morning walk. Temp 0C, easterly breeze, and a sprinkle of grauple. The hills too have just a smattering of the white stuff. Will spring ever arrive?
  4. Actually, today, the parsnips were replaced by a few chickens and a plethora of pies and sausages (both round and square). I fancied in the circumstances, a haggis but there were no usable neeps - not even in the freezers - and the tattiess looked a bit weary. I'm assuming there have been difficulties in supplying fresh produce to stores due to the brisk cold snap earlier this month....but really, is the co-op a failing business model? Whatever, I always shop there because it is my nearest provider. Some of us don't have the luxury of shopping around.
  5. Listened to this on the way home from shopping this afternoon. Very uplifting it was.
  6. Persistent rain, now, and foggy to boot. My view of the hills is obscured but I think it may be snowing up there. In any event I need to visit the shops. I wonder if the co-op has managed to restock its shelves yet. A few days ago an array of sweaty parsnips were lined up along the fresh meat counter.
  7. A quite unpleasant morning, with a chilling SE wind and drizzle. Temp 2C and I see sleet forecast for later in the day. Plus I have a saer heid as a result of spending a few hours or so yesterday evening, listening to Brexiteer neighbours droning on ( along with a couple of glasses of necessary wine).
  8. Good, Hawsey - hope your prediction (prevision) is accurate Roll on proper spring. The countryside needs a boost to start everything into seasonal growth and us humans to shed layers shackling clothing.
  9. Foggy earlier but now hazy sunshine. Not much wind and temp 4C. Contractor arrived yesterday, after weeks of nagging, , to cut the hedges, - a bit late in the year. To be fair he had tried to contact me in Dec while I was away from home. Now a horrendous mess of chippings to clear up today. I hope it remains dry. Nest building well underway for the Jackdaws.
  10. In Montrose again today, with a little more attention to camera settings. The Kingfisher was back on her perch, but I think she will be off up the river S Esk soon to her breeding territory. The Little Egret on view was a bonus. Fancy feet and feathers
  11. Animal Photographs

    I have been browsing some old photos and came across this one from several years ago. Doggie sniffed out this little baby in a verge beside the garden. Fortunately she responded immediately to the command "don't touch" Mother and the youngster were seen together thereafter and throughout the season.
  12. I can believe that, NL. The "estates" around here have a very bad reputation in respect of conservation. Numerous raptors have gone missing in the Angus Glens. One particular incident comes to mind from a year or two ago in which a tree, in Glen Esk, hosting a Sea Eagle's nest was simply chopped down.
  13. I had a wee hunt for Mountain Hares earlier this year, on separate occasions, in Glen Muick, The Lecht, Cairn o Mount and Glen Shee, with absolutely no luck. Four or five years ago they were all over the place.