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  1. The cloud broke later this afternoon - wind dropped but still coldish. A couple of pics from the evening dog walk. To the east: To the north, clear cold air.
  2. ciel


    I was about to make a post about current issues concerning the historical impact of Turkish occupation in the Balkans, but decided against.
  3. ciel


    The above statement is evidence based, and there are other (few) examples of reasonable theory based opinions on this thread. However, I agree that the majority of ramblings in this thread rely on personal anecdote and bias to generalise the view that past societal norms and behaviours are superior to the present. I would also add that these opinions have been peppered with political observations.
  4. ciel


    While agreeing with much of what you have outlined in your post above, the main mechanism behind the example quoted, and other oft derided H&S regulations, is litigation risk aversion.
  5. Steady wet snow here now- the stuff that's nae use for man or beast- but probably a good boost for the ski centres
  6. Heavy vertical sleet here - melting on impact.
  7. Today, as was yesterday is bright and sunny, with a gusty wind and feeling cooler than the 7C. There is, however, cloud banking up to the northwest at the moment. A snap from yesterday - fishing boats tucked up in a colourful Fraserburgh harbour. And one from this earlier this morning - showing the daffs which are now mostly past their best. As I have mentioned previously they have flowered around a month earlier than usual. Can't say I'm relishing the weekend weather prospects.....
  8. ciel


    If you read through this thread, you will note, for example, that I wrote three paras in a post above disputing your statements about female teachers etc., with which views, of course, you are entirely free to disagree. And so it is incorrect to suggest that I have not debated your points.
  9. ciel


    Not to forget the split infinitive.
  10. ciel


    Well, on this thread alone I note underlying ageism, mysogyny, homophobia and racism - all in my mind, of course except for the fact that it is typed quite clearly on here.
  11. ciel


    Funny how a thread can inadvertently expose people's (worrying) prejudices.
  12. Here, there is a flat grey stratus sky producing large snowflakes intermittent with fine cold drizzle/sleet, which is catching on the grass but not on the warmer stoney surfaces. After a (very) quick step outside, I reckon the temp to be + a few degrees and the surface breeze to emanate from the S or SE. This wet stuff can cause quite severe disruption to power-cables etc.
  13. It's been a fine sunny day today. Most of the eastward bound showers fizzled out before reaching here. Just been out to collect a few logs for the fire, the wind has dropped and the stars are out. If only there was a good aurora forecast for tonight.
  14. Yes, I have noticed too. It makes viewing a sequence of images, for example charts, awkward.
  15. Kingfisher at salt marsh pond, Montrose
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